Bitcoin Price Breakdown

in bitcoin •  2 months ago 

Over the past few days, bitcoin prices have risen, but are still at $ 4255. In the downtrend, the price may reach the EMA for twenty days. The average variables are uptrend and RSI is positive in the region, indicating optimistic people. If the price does not reach 4255 in the next few days, the traders will reduce profits and prices. The price drop from the EMA for the twenty days is the first indication that losers lose control, and if missed SMA below 50 days, people are miserable. The key bearish prices in the downtrend are $ 3355 and $ 3236. If pessimistic people are priced below $ 3,236, there would be at least a lower price than that. If the price reaches $ 4,255, there is likely to be a price increase, because the pattern may have formed and will reach $ 5,273. Traders can take their decision in 3550.


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