The Wednesday January 31st Afternoon Edition of The Cryptocurrency Novice Report

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Welcome to the Afternoon Edition of The Cryptocurrency Novice Report for Wednesday, January 31, 2018.


Ok kids, who's ready for...

Money For Nothing

This morning, in the Word to the Wise section we featured a website that offered a way to get free Litecoin. But it was a scam and they were only trying to steal your Litecoin. If you really want free Litecoin though, you're in luck because today's Money for Nothing features a real source of free Litecoins, Moon Litecoin.

Moon Litecoin is another in the family of Moon Faucets. Like all the Moon Faucets, Moon Litecoin is completely free to use and offers bonuses for Daily Loyalty and Referrals. It even has a Mystery claim bonus. All these bonuses together can add up to a 300% bonus per claim. All you need is a Litecoin address to get started. Or if you sign up for multiple faucets using a Coinpot account, you can also transfer between different coins to increase your holdings of the coins you really want.

I personally have used Moon Litecoin for over 2 years now and have never had an issue with payouts. Don't waste your time and coins on scam sites, go with the real deal, Moon Litecoin. There's nothing to lose because it's completely free!

The Report

The broad cryptocurrency market has somewhat stabilized with an equal distribution of winner and losers. Now that Bitcoin has found a level it seems fairly comfortable with for the time being, the market will hopefully begin to recover also.


Bitcoin is currently at $10,158 down about 1% from yesterday afternoon and up ever so slightly from this morning. We continue to see support at the $10,000 level, let's hope it holds!


Now that Bitcoin has found a stable perch, Steem has recovered some of it's earlier loses. Currently Steem is at $5.20, up about 5.5% from yesterday at this time.

SBD is trading at $5.39, down 1.6% in the last 24 hours. After falling a penny or two below the price of Steem this morning, SBD has once again moved into the price lead. This may give some of you a chance to pick up Steem in a relatively favorable SBD-Steem trade.

The large increase in liquid Steem that occurred yesterday has not made it into the exchanges yet, at least there has been no big uptick in the trade volume in the last 48 hours. For now it seems that the Steemit whales who are powering down all that Steem are holding on to it.

Please note: I am not an investment professional. The information I present here is only my opinion. Don't forget to sign up at Moon Litecoin for a chance to claim some free Litecoin.

Until next time...

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It will be very strange if they hold their Steem outside of Steem. Inflation will eat their money ? Maybe there is some other project, which will give them a better return on their Steem.

I wrote a little analysis on Bitcoin price, you can check it out HERE

Thanks for the report :)

You are right, holding a lot of liquid Steem can be costly with inflation over time. But if your thinking about selling soon, it's better to get liquid since it takes 13 weeks to fully liquidate.

see my posts a while back on MUST own silver (divirsify)..I said By Bitcoin any where near 10,000. You'll be glad you did.

I think that is good advice. Certainly silver seems ripe to move up and the dollar loses value.

silver this year (gold too) should make substantial gains.

My antivirus is not cool with the faucets of faucethub, are you sure there are no dangers involved using this website?

Feel free to check out my blog @maxdigi, this way we can support each other. Actually I need your support since last 3 days I wasn't able to post, comment or upvote anything, bandwidth issues are taking my account hostage!


I've had no issues with the Moon faucets. Some antivirus will flag them because you can Java script mine on the site and they flag the script.

Friendly piece of advice, you are much better off taking 50/50 payout for your posts than 100% Steem. With the price of SBD high now, you can get more Steem by taking the 50% SBD payout and buying Steem in the market.

Has anyone had any problems with moon litecoin??

Several of the Moon faucets seem to be offline at the moment, probably maintenance, should be back up in a few hours.

Thanks for the informative post! Have you ever heard Bitcoin White? Thanks in advance.

Im waiting for the Bitcoin Private coin
a for with zclassic and bitcoin

I have, but it's only traded on Bitflip which is not an exchange I use.

Thank you. They published a message via Telegram and they said that they will be enter to several stock exchanges in the near future.

They are working on trading in some others like Binance. I think that it gains when it will be shown in other ones

The market is in very bad condition. There was a high amount of money from the market. positive news is needed otherwise the crypto money will fall for a long time.

I hope we get some good news soon.

you shared very good information keep it up have a nice day

I havnt heard the moon litecoin before that. I am writing "moon litecoin" to in my mind. I will watch it.

Hope the signs are good and seemingly it might be going to stabilise . At last got a genuine site for free litecoin , thanks for that , surely I would check out :)

Very interesting and mind blowing info... I really appreciate that and thanks for that

Well as it is free it will not hurt to go through !
& sound good for Steem & SBD !

well i guess only mining would be as in such case if one want to start for free i think eobot will be great

free stuff is always so good to get hahaha

Do not you feel normal now?
We are seeing the collapse of the market for long days.
If Bitcoin is banned for some reason, then will the crypto market stop?
I do not think so. Because even if the bitcoin goes out there is no such thing as to stay in the market.
If Bitcoin's problems are not overcome, then other coins will occupy the market.
** And so many days the market just stopped for Bitcoin, but I do not think there is any such stoppage. Now I'm saying from the extra bedroom that I understand what I mean on my small head. I have forgotten it somewhere in the forgiveness tragedy