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RE: Steemit now trading on Huobi one of China's largest crypto exchanges

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I think there is a steal of a deal with karatgold coin do some research and hold for 6 months as you get 35% more coins on Dec 24th etc. You can buy here without the 35% deal and You should be able to pick it up for under half a cent each and the coin is 4% backed by real gold and their goal is backed by more gold. I think it is going to be a great way for gold bugs to join the crypto space. Disclosure, I am not a financial advisor and I bought a ton of it! Good luck. It is a ERC-20 coin so you just need to have a wallet like coinomi.


Thank you! I think this a great concept if it's backed by some real gold. Will surely take a deep look into this. Thanks again @greenman

Folks can buy even just $10 bucks worth the beauty of a new digital asset world! Won't be long where I can trade you my IBM shares for your Microsoft shares with no big middleman fees.

Yes! I hope so and believe that's where technology will lead us to.

I hope you do not take much time to succeed.

you will success your target.

please sir see my introducing post.

sir,your comment is very good.

we got a little idea about the currency.

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