Which is your favorite Cryptocurrency mobile wallet and why?

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There are more than just a few Android/IOS wallets and I will have a hard time to choose favorite out of sheer number of good wallets.

I will just try to enlist them for you and then you would be able to decided whichever suits you best. Following are some very reputed wallets with good features.

Bitcoin wallet by Coinbase

It is basically an Exchange based wallet operated by Coinbase. You can buy, sell, send and receive your coins. You can remotely access your wallet, in case your phone is lost.

Jaxx Android Bitcoin Wallet

Very good GUI, user friendly and supports number of currencies. Although, it has been controversial in the past due to some safety concerns.

Bitcoin wallet by Blockchain Luxembourg

Very good interface, simple to use, multiple languages and some very good security features.

Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Your private keys stay on your device. They don't move unless you move them. Additionally, you can manage multiple accounts, create a PIN to keep people out, and more.


Multi-coin wallet, open source code, and listed on bitcoin.org, which means it has passed a good number of tests because only specific wallets pass the requirements to be listed there.


You can set a price limit for a particular crypto coin and it will notify you when the prices reach the specified threshold. It tracks over 800 currencies. There is also a news section with some good reads from the market.


Simple, very basic send and receive options and open source code.


It has a long list of supported features such as cold storage solutions, integration with hardware wallets, anonymity with Tor, and multi-sig support.


You can track your favorite currencies, use the portfolio tool to track the value of coins you own, and there’s a very good feature that shows you currencies performance in any given month.

Choosing a wallet totally depends on the type of user. I would not recommend any of this if you are an investor and not a frequent Cryptocurrency user.

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Easily Exodus! Nobody else uses it?

Exodus is good. But they don't have a mobile wallet. Desktop only. http://support.exodus.io/article/5-mobile-version-of-exodus

Coinomi for sure, because of all the currencies it supports, also for the built in exchange functionality.

I agree. Coinomi or Mycelium.

I prefer Coinomis interface, a lot cleaner and simpler to navigate. Mycelium isn't bad though :D

Hi are there any iOS movile wallets?

Yes, Breadwallet, Mycelium, Jaxx, Copay and Airbitz also provide iOS wallets..

Any favorite one out of those?