they are promoting BCC because legacy core has become too centralized and doesn't represent the people's will anymore. the fact that you consider it a scamcoin is funny to me.. when I consider segwit to be pure garbage.

BCC is the true Bitcoin, the sooner you realize it , the better for you

Are you kidding? BCC (or BCH) is a delusionary coin where only miners are minting money. These guys including Roger Ver is partnered with the profits. There is an unknown miner who has never been revealed. It's a greed coin. Invest wisely. One tip is follow people like Andreas than Roger, it's like a brilliant mind than a dumb lucky investor.
BTC is Satoshi's vision and not some coin which is forked due to greed n politics.

Segwit is NOT Satoshi's vision, my friend. You are mistaken.

Edit: It was fervi who called it a scamcoin, not @geronimo

Don't want to be rude or an arrogant fellow like Roger but you should try to understand what Segwit is?
First of all in Bitcoin's case Blockchain is a data structure which holds transactions. So every block that gets mined can hold transactions ( and its related data). This block size is capped to 1MB for the original BTC blockchain. What Segwit does without hard forking the chain is; it separates out some data (like signatures) into another location to increase the transactional storage capability of the existing capped 1MB blocks. So now more transactions can be stored and it also enhances the Blockchain with new capabilities which is whole another topic. This is supported by brilliant minds who have looked after the Blockchain since its initial phase only focusing on technology and not just mining.
Tip for you: everyone have different opinions but follow guys with broader views and brilliant minds which is favoring BTC. So do your research and then think if you want to keep your BTC or grab BCH. I wish you good luck my friend and hope you succeed completely in this crypto space. Cheers mate!!!

A cartel of miners wasn't Satoshi's vision either. SegWit toke 95% concession to lock in. Increasing block size is only a temporary solution. An acceptable hard fork now would be one that should address the block header

well said :)

I never said it is a scam coin, so please be careful with your assertions. I totally understand why people are against Segwit and cores dictatorship(censorship everywhere) and I understand why people want to have a currency which is actually useful in real life.

But in this power/money game there are much more players who just want to make money(@themystic described it really well). So be careful out there, those big players(core and bitcoin cash) don`t care about anyone in this awesome crypto community.

I believe BCC was not born of greed, but of the lack of innovation coming from Bitcoin Core.

A true open source project makes progress, a thing that Bitcoin core has been lacking for almost 2 years now. Progress.

People are tired of an outdated blockchain when new ones are popping up everyday that have the potential to rewrite the internet as we know it. They want innovation. They want low fees, big blocks, high malleability -- with NO centralization.

Blockstream has conveniently brainwashed the entire community into thinking segwit is "the only way " and "absolutely necessary" when that is far from the truth.

The truth is, BitcoinCash is the closest thing we have right now to a TRUE BITCOIN (one born of the true Satoshi's vision)

A blocksize increase can be hard coded in under 1000 lines of code. Why are we basically injecting a hack of over 6000 lines and disintegrating the fabric that gives it a true decentralized nature. You could argue with me all day about segwit, and act like I don't know what I'm talking about. But believe me, I do.

BitcoinCash is not perfect, but it's FAR from a scamcoin, and in my opinion -- better aligned with the open source communities views in general and the will of the people.

I think the true decentralized Bitcoin we had all hoped would take over the world is actually dead. Btc = ded.

Lol, so the innovation that BCash i.e. BCC did is making the block size 8MB and then tilting the original logo. Why are people promoting such coin?

They also removed the dirty hack that is segwit. A hardcoded block increase is 1000 lines of code, not 6000 like segwit. Segwit is garbage. Go learn about it.

Why you think SEGWIT is dirty unless you are a miner? I am in Software industry since past 17 years and what you are stating is making no sense. It doesn't matter whether the change is of 600 lines or 6000; but rather the execution which was just flawless. Again follow genius minds like Andreas Antonopoulos who is spreading true knowledge than Roger Ver who is completely business minded.
I am looking at this with a neutral angle and BCH fork was the worst and selfish decision ever in this decentralized community, rightly planned with wrong intentions exactly before the SEGWIT. Note my words, however they (Roger and top mining units) promote this coin eventually in a year time it will see a downtrend. I don't benefit from BTC or BCH as I equally own these coins but this is coming from my wisdom being in this space for last 4 years and my educational/professional background. Good luck mate!!!

has become too centralized and doesn't represent the people's will anymore.

I think selling coins by users shows where they wanted to be from the beginning. They sold BCash to Bitcoins, not vice versa. This means that Core policy is better for them.