The Bread and Cheese Podcast Ep.10 - Flexibility, Transaction Fees, Transferring Bitcoin like A Pro

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On this episode of the Bread and Cheese podcast, I discuss flexibility in relation to bitcoin transactions. I talk about how to get your coins from exchange to exchange for dirt cheap, and how to handle wallet to exchange, and/or exchange to wallet transactions. I also talk about my losing confidence in the Bitpay wallet and how buying Bitcoin from the Bitcoin ATM may be the easiest way to go starting out.

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I also heard Mycellium is best avoided now. You're right about there being a lot of "scumbags". It used to be one of the best Android wallets, but it was sold and now the new team is pushing referall links or something else shady via the main interface.

The transaction fees, as you said, are better coins. Temporarily, that's LTC. Bitcoin Cash is good too. Lots of alts are technically better than BTC.

BTC is mostly network affect at this point.

I see you putting in that work brother. Love this show homie I see continuing to put in quality content which is always a pleasure to listen to. Keep on steeming brother


Preciate it Slick. Can't stop, won'ts stop.

It's easy to get disillusioned in the lean times, though. Activity is a bit low on Steemit lately, since the price was down.

If it wasn't for 2-3 devoted followers that hit all my posts, I would be making under $1 per post.

Yeah but I mean you've took the initiative to create relationships. Something that I'm practicing now more so than ever before.

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