Goldman Sachs Uses FAKE NEWS to Manipulate the Crypto Markets

in bitcoin •  2 months ago

Did you notice how cryptos seemed to drop off a cliff on September 5?

Bitcoin, for example, was trading near $7,400. Then, all of sudden it dropped $1,000 in just a few hours.

Many attribute the decline to this story from Business Insider.

The title, “Goldman Sachs is ditching near-term plans to open a bitcoin trading desk, instead focusing on a key business for driving Wall Street investment in crypto.”

Well guess what?

It was FAKE NEWS!!!

Goldman Sachs Chief Financial Officer, Martin Chavez, came out and called the report that the bank was ditching plans to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk “fake news.”

All I want to know is… how much BTC did Goldman Sachs buy on the dip? And what did those Business Insider ‘reporters’ get?

What’s your thoughts on this?

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not surprised since FUD drives the market


ain't that the truth!

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Yeah, the people that run for news lose many money! We need trust in crypto projects and use the bad news just to buy in burning stock :D

I want to know whose money they invested here ???
And why this question.... very simple since 95 % percent of their money is not their money ( there property) , and that is the money that they have taken their customers bank window, or are simply printed from the bare air digitally.