BTCPOOL Successful Cash Out and Some Tested & Proven Paying Sites I Joined Recently

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Just wanted to share a great news to everyone where I luckily gained 0.005888 BTC from an exact 0.0035 BTC investment to BTCPool.

To date, it has already been 5 days since the time I requested a withdrawal and two hours after, it was already in my wallet. I have shared my blessings and sent 0.0008 BTC to a needy friend from @steemitpowerupph community where I am an active member participating with some projects and activities. At the moment I'm not able to join them with the GOAT thing and some airdrops.

Here is the screenshot of my cash out!



I don't have any SELF-REFERALS,
I have 37 unique referrals and one paid affiliate that invested 0.01 BTC.

Do not sign up if you are not willing to invest at least 0.0035 BTC.
Will let you earn 0.00016 BTC per day everyday. Tested & Proven Paying BTC cloud mining business.
Sign up here and check how Bitcoin mining goes. Your account will start mining though you can ONLY WITHDRAW AFTER making a deposit.

Though it's really risky to invest now

Another great site:
Min Investment 0.0005 BTC. Every other day cash out of 0.00001 BTC (min cash out)
NO SELF-REFER! 6-months and still paying!


#Superfresh cloudmining site platform like #dogefaster
Get automatic 300 GHz mining power FREE!
For as low as 0.0005 BTC investment, start mining 850 satoshis per day!

I just saw my referral link again in Faucethub where I have few other altcoins in stock here that I tried to gain and forget until the values in USD became really high.

Get free Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies here for free!
Tested and proven paying over the years!

Free BITCOINCASH (BCH) faucet, dice, lottery, multiplier! #justlike #freebitcoin #freedogecoin. Sign up now and get bch before the fork.

#JustLike #btconline #BTCpool
Earn 0.0001 BTC per day and get 10% referral commissions from your affiliates doing upgrades sooner or later for sure.

Again do not self-refer!

That's the reason I guess I was able to cash out and the admins processed my request quickly.

These are my crypto activities this week that have passed.

Aside from my main programs such as paysbook where I already earned 400% ROI in 60 days already (2-months) don't worry I'm not inviting you guys to join me there. I am discreetly doing it for myself only and not even promoting my links.

I am also active in

Where I do earn 0.30% everyday for lifetime or as long as the site exists (will be long-term since the company has a diversified sources of income using artificial intelligence)

My account has already earned daily in 14 days being with the program.

Reminder: Due Diligence and Do Your Own Research is needed if you want to delve into these kinds of investment program. It really involves high risk that will make you lose your hard earned funds intantly or over the passing days. It can also be a triumph when the risk you have taken has given you great returns.
Still the best thing to do is learn how to trade and manage your own funds.

Enjoy the rest of the week! The best time to buy Bitcoin is today. At around $6,900.

See you on my next blog! Watch out for more amazing posts from me.

This is @fycee greeting everyone and wishing my fellow steemians more success. Oh by the way steem is now back to 1:$1 ratio.

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