Dutch Thieves Steal Bitcoin ATM - No Bitcoins Were Stolen...

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Dutch Thieves Steal Bitcoin ATM...

I've just come across this article from Business Insider Netherlands, that was just shared on Reddit. It states that some thieves in Oudenbosch have stolen a Bitcoin ATM!

No Bitcoin were of course stolen during this burglary. :-D

It does say that; "There was still some money in the vending machine." but if their goal was to get a hold of some BTC, these thieves certainly didn't think the plan through did they?

It doesn't say how much cash they got away with, but I doubt it was a very worthwhile endeavor!

Dumb move? Or is there something more to this than meets the eye? Let me know what you think.

Thanks for viewing!

Link to translated page

Image from Wikipedia.org, this isn't the ATM in question. :-P

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Hahaha these damn idiots. Probably people who have never read a damn book in their entire life.

I hope they get caught and have to spend some time in prison.

Made me laugh too! :-D

It sounds like they had to break the machine away from a concrete pillar too, so they certainly put some effort into!

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