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RE: 🛑BITCOIN PRICE MANIPULATION🛑 Wash Trading - Spoofing - Frontrunning

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Well I don't fully understand your article. Of course when you trade only 10% or maybe even just 1 % make money. Everyone knows that. The less you trade the higher the probability you are trading profitable. It is something I'm saying as well. And also people know that I'm only trading bigger swings which so far went great.

I agree that BUY & HODL is the easiest way to profit in the future but it's NOT making you more BTC. The only way to get more BTC is to trade or add risk in general.


I agree with you totally and I trade too, I meant trade real btc not BitMex btcs which are leveraged.
At least we as traders should tell people to stay away from risky liquidity trades and buy real bitcoins. So if the trade loss in a temporary time the trade will be profitable in future when the price of bitcoin is high.
I hope you got my point.

I just started trading on Bitmex, I just don’t use leverage! However I noticed there still is a liquidation price, albeit very low!