Is there a way to charge my customers with their Visa Card AND get Bitcoins instead of Fiat?

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Hello, I think there's no company in the cryptocurrency world that is making or selling credit card terminals that could charge customers with their Visa or Mastecard credit card, and collect Bitcoins instead. And think there's a huge international market for that, and I understand that there are some countries and territories that are very friendly toward Bitcoin... 

Couldn't a bank in one of these territories get the credit card terminals, sell you one and every time he receives money from that terminal, he could send you Bitcoins instead to whichever address you provided? Even if he charges the usual high fees Visa charges, I think it would be a great opportunity because it solves the problems companies face in countries with restrictions or imposing governments. 

Like the news released recently in which Uber in Argentina is accepting Bitcoin through Xapo so that the Argentinian government can't shut it's business down.

Here's the news:

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