Bitcoin Cash dumps 48% in minutes. Still think it's a good buy?

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I am just not convinced by BCH at all.

It is basically massive whiles manipulating the market with big money. I have seen around 200 FUD articles in the last week. All of them written with lambo mentality. No substance and no real thought about the implications of it flipping.

You can see as it dumps those same whales buy back in to create fomo again. It kind of looks like people are catching on now though. Constant dumps of 17-25%.

We had this same stuff last time but there is 10x more FUD articles and spam and BIG money making big plays.

Lets say there was a flipping. It would cause a massive percentage of those in crypto to lose money. Everyone new to crypto would be left thinking what is this rubbish. While a small percentage gain.

Sure BCH is maybe better on paper. But there is things in the works such as lightening network to solve some of the issues and there is also downsides to BCH as a store of wealth.

BCH is basically just the same as LTC but its unproven and beta level coding.

This is mass manipulation and will be a disaster for crypto if any kind of flipping happens.

I personally will boycott both coins and move to something like ETH, rather than put up with people like Roger Ver thinking he can upside down everything by spamming 100 memes all over social media.

Personally I don't have anything in either coin right now. I moved to alts, tether and Eth and can ride it out happily. I just hate to see the damage it is and will do to crypto.


I bought in then got out fast. Could have made lots more but also could have lost if I had stayed in longer. Dunno what I was thinking.

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