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RE: Bitcoin Up 15% In Giant, 1-Hour Candle; Steem +40%, SBD +20%

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Other future period to rise this elevator is June 2018, probably even before the Bilderberg group meeting, many say they have been buying cryptos for a while and well, if you don't know them, you should google it at least.
If its a bear run, they decided to boycott a bit more.
If its a bull, oh boy, they will try to control it all.
Watch out for suspicious non-decentralized cryptocurrencies going too bullish.
Let's avoid supporting the dark side of the force.
Lets empower the whole society thru humbleness, not this culture of empowerment thru psychological control and manipulation.
Educate those around you and keep healthy fun and loving circles of friendship as family.
Don't watch tv, watch youtube or any other media you can choose what you see.
Positive vibrations.
Don't be like fat molly here: