Crypto market update : 9th of February, 2018

in bitcoin •  last year

One very positive day comes to an end, where most of the Top10 cryptos by capital had a green day, with Ripple shooting for almost 20% up. BitCoin, is continuing its healthy higher-lows and higher highs consolidation, which paves the way for the upcoming"rally-to-be-formed-soon".
09-02-2017 btw.png
Hold your horses though! While the forming is correct, timeframe still isnt and expect more tumbles before the desired upcoming rally!

As stated in a previous post as well, Binance is back and is accounted for sure in the"good news of the day".

Tomnorrow is a new day, and stock market is closed for the weekend, so I expect the Wall St. boys to have some fun over the weekend over our beloved cryptos, and volatility wouldn't surprise me one bit!

On a side note, the DASH tip was a true success, which is up around 75$ since called yesterday. Personally I am deep invested on DASH and i hold 2 masternodes, but i will analyze that in a future post, dedicated to masternodes and alt coins.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!

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Let's keep it up and get BTC above 10k again!

@dream-o Looking forward to the DASH masternodes post! Keep it coming ;)


I will try to attend to it tomorrow!! Thanks!

Thanks for the market summary... hoping for a more fruitful gain for the crypto next week... Have a nice weekend @dream-o


Have a nice weekend too my friend! Next week will be interesting indeed! :)

Agree. Bitcoin is headed to 14-15k before the next round of "panic" happens. At the end of the day, the higher goes, the better reward for opening new shorts.


I would NEVER short cryptos. Like , never. For million of reasons, with strongest one simply because when you short you play futures, so with virtual positions. Also known as, hello 0 account. I say this to ALL my friends, NEVER EVER play with CFDs and cryptos. volatility WILL kill you, sooner than later. Even if you time it correct couple of times, the one time you wont, it will evaporate you.

P.S. You do know that actually when you open a short position, you are placing a buy order on actual market right? :P

Have a great weekend and happy trading!


Did I say "I'm shorting"? Because if you check me out, I'm bullish as fuck. BTC will break 10k, go towards 14k and then will retest 10k. It's called "bounce" and "testing levels". And an aditional 40% profits. Did you knew that right? ;)

Dash masternodes seem interesting.


They are more than interesting - they are awesome! Apart from the appreciation in price, atm with current price they are netting me ~8k$ per month just to keep them online... not bad!