Wirex Re-Launches Crypto Powered Debit Card After VISAGATE

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

You probably remember the beginning of the year episode called VISAGATE, in which WaveCrest Holdings, a VISA proxy issuer, was left without license, which snowballed into a lot of debit card providers using WaveCrest Holdings cancelling their cards. Among those hit: Spectorcoin, Bitwala (which are both pivoting towards cryptobanking) and Wirex.

Well, today Wirex announced they are already launching their new, contactless crypto powered cards. The first wave is available for UK customers, with GBP denominated cards, with EUR denominated cards to follow on March 20 for Italy, Germany and France, and the rest of EU countries by March 27.

Just to be sure, we're talking about plastic cards, which can be topped with Bitcoin and used at any ATM.

At the beginning of the year, Wirex also announced they will issue personalized bank accounts, for UK too, "with a British account number and sort-code, 100% secure and fully registered with the UK Financial Conduct Authority."

The crypto roller coaster seems to never stop: for every FUD spreading news released, there seem to be a counterbalancing, bullish development.

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I personally believe that Visa going after WaveCrest was a strategic move to kneecap all the crypto debit card providers! I wonder how long Wirex lasts with their new issuer. Do you happen to know who their new issuer is?

Indeed a great news, which may help to stabilize the bearish market...

You are right, there is no stopping in crypto world..
Dark and shinny, Every days here is new with its own ups and down ....making it analogous to life...

Those are great news i sure this will increase the use of Bitcoin at first and other coins in a latter stage

seems like they have been hard at work :)

Whenever I check your blog and the update is not Market Snapshot, I raise my head high cos I know I'm read an amazing news about the market.

This is another plus to us

Good info.. but i need to move to europe lol ... We'll never have that in my country venezuela. cheers

Great news and information I did not know about this thanks for sharing
Just to be sure, we're talking about plastic cards, which can be topped with Bitcoin and used at any ATM.

wow you've writen so well. Thanks for your this kind of post. I will like to say to well done and great job keep it up.

This is almost unbelievable, so i can topup the card then withdraw at any ATM. This is really cool. No stress no hassle

hello steemit friend i want to develop like you, how the hell can you give me a little suggestion for me thanks

This is what we have really needed to take crypo to the next level. To bridge the gap between the markets and real world use. If we can withdraw cash within a reasonable period of time then another wave is on the way.

I hope it's will go better this time