KFC Canada Accepts Bitcoin, Lures Satoshi Nakamoto To Reveal His Identity

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

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In a trend very similar with the dot com bubble during early 2000s, when all you had to do was to pretend you are a "dot com" company, many businesses are - predictably - piggybacking on the blockchain publicity craze.

The latest in the herd is KFC, which, in what seems more like a marketing stunt than a strategy shift, announced a special bundle, available with Bitcoin. Payment will be processed via BitPay and there will also be a $5 delivery cost, as far as I understand. The total cost of the bundle, or "Bitcoin Bucket' as they call it, will be around $20.

There is also a funny part in this, namely in the tweet below:

Screen Shot 2018-01-12 at 9.57.58 AM.png

Well, Satoshi, you resisted the pressure of long 9 years since you launched Bitcoin, and you protected your identity better than anyone else in the world, but I bet you won't resist this offer. Just let us know how it tasted, too.

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I am sure Satoshi will not reveal himself for KFC . lol. But good news for bitcoin getting acceptance at KFC

A good publicity stunt and also a sign of the time we live in, the start of the crypto age...

@dragosroua I am not a BIG FAN of American GMO Chicken Product. KFC is not Healthy and my perception is that Satoshi would not touch this stuff. My understanding is that European Countries would not even Allow USA GMO Chicken in their Countries. Let me know if I am Wrong ??? Eat Healthy and Be Healthy.......


Nope it only in Canada if it makes it better

I'd pay some decent Bitcoin to never have to taste KFC again. lol


@joshsigurdson my point EXACTLY !

I guess it is a sign, to be sure, that the idea of "Bitcoin" is no longer just some form of "nerd money" that's only really talked about in computer clubs and gaming chat rooms.

Last time I remember something like this was standing in line at my Post Office 10 years or so ago... and every person in line was sending things they had sold on eBay. eBay had suddenly become a cull "cultural icon."


Satoshi is Colonel Sanders.... hmm what a plot twist lol.

its an interesting marketing plan to sell their food but if its true they accept BTC this might lead to more retails doing the same and might be good for cryptos, imagine two or three fast food joint accepting crypto, (talking of the big ones) what impact it will have on the coin market considering how much traffic they have

vile marketers.

That's right, how can anyone resist Colonel Sanders :)

Have to say...I'm more of a Popeyes person but this is still exciting news :p.

Hahahaha for KFC to think they can lure satoshi out. Well the news is good for bitcoin, bitcoin to the moon.....

Great news... in our country Aceh Indonesia any caffee accepts SBD for


where exactly, in which cities?


Lhokseumawe city, province Aceh -Indonesia


very nice :)


Thank you. This is new innovation


people have started keying into the idea, for example @ankarlie in the philippines

I will be accepting SBD/STEEM payments for topping up (reloading) any Philippines based telecom companies like globe and smart

Great news for bitcoin user....thanks for sharing this post

LOL let's see if it works!
But, wow, KFC accepting Bitcoin, that is major for mainstream adoption!

Good post ,,, nice it kfc ya

This was actually a neatly written, funny, imaginative post on the whole "KFC" now takes bitcoin news-story... =) Thanks @dragosroua!

Very useful blog.
Thanks for sharing this information.

How insidious!

If I were a company selling anything, I would sell it for all the coins, especially now with all of them going up. The customer pays you $20 and a month later you have $40.

And, saying "they don't know exactly what bitcoin are", is a total and complete lie. But also it seems not far from the truth.

and that insane transaction fees would be more amazing with that hahah

very good news for cryptocurrency lover....