How Private Is Bitcoin, After All? Introducing BlockSeer, The Bitcoin Hog

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You may have probably heard of BlockSeer by now, but if you didn't, well, I think it' time for you to learn that it exists. Because it's a tool which can be prove very useful, especially if your crypto holdings are predominantly in Bitcoin.

BlockSeer is a visual tool for tracking and analyzing transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. There is also an Ethereum version in beta, if you're interested. What makes BlockSeer so special is the fact that it adds a layer of visual representation on top of a regular blockchain explorer. Apart from that visual layer, you can do any of the following:

  • label and cluster (group together) addresses
  • explore addresses and cluster details (transaction history and size)
  • create powerful graphs showing you the money flow
  • save and share these graphs with other people

It's worth mentioning that when you label an address, that label becomes public and can be viewed by other people too (unless you choose an enterprise account, which, oddly enough, gives you... privacy). Of course, you can also access the labels set up for other people.

Imagine if somebody tracked some WannaCry bitcoin ransom address...

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.20.33 PM.png

I played with BlockSeer for an hour or so, trying to understand from where my Bitcoin came and also to understand how some of the biggest addresses are spending their money. I expect that the top 25 addresses listed on the homepage are actually exchanges address.

Or, who knows, behind that address might be a real guy who just received $14.605.200 as a fee for a service.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 4.20.04 PM.png

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BlockSeer looks awesome tool for Bitcoin hardcore users...

If you can match a face to the number then it is not very private at all. Utimately the transaction can be traced and when the time come to cash out on an exchange the KYC will get you. Blockfolio was recently found to trace its users transaction record so not so anonymity maybe a thing of the past

Looks like a nice tool to have! Thanks for sharing it. Going to play around with it right now.

I've never heard of BlockSeer before.
It's pretty cool how all this information is somewhat public and everything is so transparent.
I'll be sure to check it out

This is a good way to explore the blockchain, a little less intimidating. I wanna play around it when I'm on my computer later

i too think the same : top 25 addresses listed on the homepage are actually exchanges address. :)

Going to play with it right now. Thanks for the information.

Where you find all these interesting topics man? Always happy with a post of you, i am sure it has to do with the hat :-)

Interesting post @dragosroua . If you figure out the big accounts that are NOT exchanges, you can figure out what direction the market will flow. Might try this out soon too.

Besides, it's always fun to explore WHERE your money actually comes from!

Very nice information @dragosroua sir, thanks for sharing BlockSeer tool.

nice about block seer and i will see ur blog i hope many new things i found for my help which i really dont now from ur blog

More privat is my Coincard project, the money of tomorrow @svtechnik

BlockSeer is something new to me never knew about this before thanks for sharing about it .

None said bitcoin was anonymous 😋

Bitcoins can be tracked and followed, and you can group spending done at the same time as one user. If you know someone address from public records, then you can track the user quite easy.

This is why its important to use new addresses when you wish to keep some part of anonymity. You should also never spend new "anonymous" address inputs together with old non anonymous inputs.