Earn.com (Formerly Known As 21.co) Is Joining Coinbase, Confirming Aggressive Acquisition Strategy

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In a tweet published today, Balaji S. Shrinavasan, the founder and CEO of Earn.com (previously known as 21.co) announced that Earn.com will be joining forces with Coinbase:

Screen Shot 2018-04-16 at 9.36.00 PM.png

One of the results of this acquisition is that Balaji will now take the role of Chief Technology Officer for Coinbase, according to a blog post confirming the acquisition:

As CTO of Coinbase, Balaji will serve an important role as the technological evangelist for the company. Balaji will evangelize for both crypto and for Coinbase, educating the world and recruiting crypto-first talent to the company.

This is the second major merger announced by Coinbase in less than a week, after the acquisition of Cipher, about which I wrote here.

This is an impressive stretch for Coinbase, 2 major players nailed down in just two days, reminding me of the golden days of dot coms, when, for instance, Netscape decided on an acquisition in a 10 minutes meeting, during lunch break.

Consolidation seems to be the trend in the crypto world these days.

Oh, and probably the most important consequence of these acquisitions is that it proves crypto is a real industry, with major players, making all that FUD spread by mainstream media about the "imminent popping of the bubble" even more ridiculous.

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Wow.. Coinbase seems to be in very optimistic mode...Indeed Crypto industry is slowly turning into traditional real industry...

They have to stop doing this or this technology will lose credibility. So much useless announcements nowadays...


There won't be any stopping of this. It will become worse, harder, more, loud, awful.

They, T.P.T.shouldn'tB., will throw everything they can at this.
Fortunately, they have no clue what crypto-currency is.
Like USSR making blue jeans that would never fade, because everyone loved Levis.
This kind of misunderstanding will be their down fall.

The scams will come fast and furious, but they will be easy to see through by anyone who knows and understands cryptos. They will be literally trying to sell you lead as opposed to the real stuff, gold. They won't even bother to plate it.


I am in crypto for gold, when there is bull run, I hedge with gold.

Honestly, I really do not see anything bad in this partnership.


Is an actual "merger" announcement not useful?

Fuck me, Coinbase is buying up everything!! This is a development worth keeping an eye on.

Yeah that's real activity and business happening...
So FUD spreaders are just fools...can't they see???

Interesting, just today i went and updated my earn account, theyre moving notably

welldone sir,good job you have done,keep it up.
always follow you

That confirms that there are still big profits to be made in crypto trading. Failing companies don't make major acquisitions!

What's ridiculous is where I live you can get jailed if found using cryptocurrency.

Great information dear @dragosroua
This really proves that crypto is a real art with the main players, "FBI's bubble" in mainstream media

O thats great i am going to join this thanks for informing us keep it up

Very nice and helpful article closely and openly its very helpful for all

Earn is a cool service. I have been testing it for a while. Many startups are using it to announce their airdrops and you can decide if you want to take care of their requests getting a small amount of crypto (usually the equivalent of $1) or just forget about the email.
I believe it is a nice way to avoid email spamming for users and a more effective way for companies to target a specific audience which belongs to one of the lists the service provides users to join.

its a great work @dragosroua Thanks for sharing

I remember a few years ago, my mom asked me about @coinbase .... i told her it was a very reliable company, but i wasn't sure if they would still be around once decentralize exchange/atomic swaps arrive. now i can see they are just building their own empire and buy everything


Please stop copy pasting other people tweets and posting them as your comments. You're not doing a good thing and you're at risk to being flagged and having your reputation dramatically damaged.


oh sorry man! 😞Please forgive me 😊
I will give org comments next time 😊

its a great work Thanks for sharing

Useful updates...@dragosroua. Thanks for sharing the valuable post.

Those on the news talking about bubbles do not know what a bubble is. Been saying this is world changing since 2013 and it only continues to prove itself.

When things don't die after 10 years...it is obviously time to start paying attention...


I'm glad to hear about this because I love Earn. I made a nice chunk of btc there just signing up for telegram groups and then used the earnings to buy more steem. I've noticed the activity there slowing down so it's nice to know they are up to something.

Another big reason to join earn.com, I think I am going to give it a short.

Earn.com has been very good to me. I have had at least $17 of it, for doing very little. The 'get verified' part took around 2 months though which sucked. You cant cash out until this is approved. How Coinbase taking them over will affect it, I don't know.

Superb update...@dragosroua....
After joining the earn.com user are very happy.....

excllent post,good news@thanks for sharing

I guess the next step is to launch a coinbase token, how about the name CBC...

Mark my words...

Been with earn.com for months how, how to earn more on earn.com, positive feedback will be appreciated.

Wow seems like coinbase is onto something big thing

I guess some consolidation is good.

I actually have another tweet in a screenshot I've kept that's supposedly from Balaji S. Shrinavasan (at least it's attributed to him) about not complaining about way things are but building something else where current rules don't apply. Uber and bitcoin are mentioned. I never found out who he was though until you mentioned him here.

I happen to agree completely with his tweet, so hopefully this move is also smart, not only for him, but for users of Coinbase and Earn.com.