Bitcoin Over $5300 - Thank You, Jamie Dimon! Putin Is Warming Up...

in bitcoin •  11 months ago

Just less than a month ago, Jamie Dimon became way more famous than he ever intended to, by naming Bitcoin "a fraud". The entire economic media screamed, yelled and groaned. Bitcoin went politely under $3900.

Now, 1 Bitcoin is over $5300.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.18.12 PM.png

I think we should thank Jamie Dimon. I'm not being ironic. Ok, maybe just a bit. But seriously, who can give Bitcoin the media coverage it deserves, at zero cost on high profile channels? Can you imagine the marketing costs to get in prime time on Bloomberg? Or to get a page in Financial Times? Gosh...

Now, there are some news from Russia that Bitcoin is getting the silent treatment no more. Instead, it's getting the loud treatment and high profile officials are talking really bad about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin. In other words, they're just starting a new marketing campaign.

I wonder if Putin can really send the price of Bitcoin higher than Dimon. Sometimes I think very seriously that I should make a prediction market on Ethereum, with the only goal of anticipating how high the price of Bitcoin will go after each super-blunder of fiat moguls or high profile politicians.

Bets, anyone?

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I will dare to bet on BTC over 6Κ in this phase.

Bitcoin seems to be like Trump

Any news is good news regardless of if it's "good" or "bad"


but atleast we can trust it

Excellent information in to your post.. thanks for sharing..upvoted.

thank you for giving me the information ..

Fiat is out... Blockchain is in /// Let the new economics, decentralized, begin

Jamie dEmon!
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I'm a Technical Analyst and there might be a bigger correction looming:


I love the word correction :) Why can't you guys just say losing value?

Anyways, corrections are great time to buy some coins :)


Thanks for visiting my blog! Following and upvoted your comment!

For me it's either a Correction or a Retracement...less painful!
Yes, the end of the corrections are best to ladder in the buys.

It's a very interesting ( and true) way of putting things :)

Recently Dimon said now he will not say anything on btc looks like good for all haha :D