Bitcoin Over $15,000 Officially

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I first wrote: "Bitcoin Over $150,000" and it felt strange. But, what if?

Anyway, let's focus on the current situation for now. As you can see, all the other alts are in red, except for Monero, which shows a bit of a gain. I think I can spot a pattern here, but I'm not gonna hold my breath for it: the current bull run is might be caused by political confusion about a possible military conflict in the area. People are moving their assets into Bitcoin (and some of them intro privacy enhanced coins, like Monero), fearing a sharp depreciation in fiat caused by war.

If that's the case, then it's quite strange because, as we all know, North Korea is mining Bitcoin almost "officially", so this move is actually beneficial for them.


And complicated.

But nice, if you have cryptos.

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It is the real reason behind it, I have to figure out it yet but may be the possibility for it.

as i read tether and bitfinex got same advisors and people running and they make tether from the air and do orders in bitfinex for pumping for 2 weeks and thats why there is so huge grow from 5k to 15k.


Do you have more sources for this info? Seems like rumors to me...


i read in twitter and in russian article ( here u can use translate and see screenshots)

I saw this from Cliff High this morning...

7h7 hours ago

Ack! The FOMO running at the moment for 'bitcoin' in all forms in linguistics has an emotional tone value of 36.02 in summation. This is associated with $14k+/BTC at this moment.
The forecast emotional tone summation for early March is in range of 57.88. Just a heads up.

$150k may be just around the corner... as Bitcoin is Freedom.

One question (different topic),what is your code for the strike through on "is" above?

Really good job bro carry on thanks i like this post and your all post is very important and helpful thanks

The "dear leader" must be enjoying the bitcoin action right now :)

Now waiting for $16000 on the bull run !!!