Bitcoin Jumps More Than 5% In Just Two Hours: From $8,650 to $9,200 — Steemit

Bitcoin Jumps More Than 5% In Just Two Hours: From $8,650 to $9,200

in bitcoin •  9 months ago

I have no idea why this is happening (although I have quite a few theories - all of them speculation, obviously) but I just spotted this and thought it was too nice not to be shared:

Screen Shot 2018-03-11 at 2.21.50 PM.png

It's the Coindesk Bitcoin price index, a chart which is usually more conservative than Coinmarketcap. During the last 2 hours, Bitcoin rose from $8,650 to $9,200.

I really hope you bought that popcorn I was telling about on Friday.

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huge pump that was but double bottom might be possible

wow thank for this post i didn't watch the market
think i that can be great time for really short term positions now

It may also has to do with the new Bitcoin Misery Index showing clear signs of purchase time.

@dragosroua, sorry I am low carb at the moment but my gum is ever present!!

three words chickens, eggs, hatch. Seems like someone is trying to pump BTC for a bit to cover their losses.

the bitcoin is something incredible, its behavior never ceases to surprise, it can be several months up and down in the same range of values and from there upload to return to beat its own record, this movie we saw it in 2017
Thank you very much dear friend @dragosroua for sharing this good news
I wish you a beautiful Sunday

May the dead cat jump???


Apparently, yes :))

I definitely took advantage of the prices this weekend and bought some BTC. I also added to my alt collection and increased my steem power with the Steem I purchased. It's nice to see BTC reclaimed the 9K mark and alts seem to be recovering as well from where they were when I was online yesterday, even if just a little bit.

Good recovery indeed!....hope it continues...very volatile though...

I have no idea why this is happening (although I have quite a few theories - all of them speculation, obviously

Funny enough your speculations have proven accurate moat of the times really doing a good job.

I really hope you bought that popcorn I was telling about on Friday.

Hahahaha...What popcorn???

Just profit and gain in few minutes people will enjoy than droping alot.

Its the wild west out there :-D

bought some BTC

it's on the way to 10k

Well I hope it goes back down again @dragosroua. I'm waiting for my funds to get to Coinbase. 😁 😁 😁


@gillianpearce, Now I must admitted I am very disappointed to hear that Lol I thought we had you diving in the last time we spoke to each other. did you get cold feet?


No @robmenzies you should be proud of me. I actually did dive in. It just took me ages to work out what I was doing and by the time I transferred Euros to Coinbase they'd gone home for the weekend. 😁

Coinbase said my money should be with them by Tuesday. Then I will be able to buy Steem.

Haven't made it to the end point yet but closer than I was last time we "spoke". 😁


@gillianpearce, thats good to hear!!, so the bank transfer took longer than anticipated thats a shame, hopefully it will go down a bit again so you can get in at a cheaper price, but if not there is still plenty room for growth!! Welcome to the Party

P.S I hear @dragosroua has got some caramel flavored popcorn you can steal from him, I hear it's very good (but don't tell him I told you to do it)


Caramel favoured is the best type of popcorn in my opinion. I could go for that.

Steem seems to have had a bit of a bounce in the last couple of hours so it would be good if it went down again before I buy. Then it can go up all it wants to! 😊

What are your theories?

Thanks for the good news.
BTC is having another go at breaking the down trend line.
@dragosroua, which is more likely, BTC at $14,000 or at $5,500 by the end of March?

Shows how little of BTC is actually floating on the markets....
Despite being 16 mln of the already mined, the price being pushed up or down, with big money.
Only time will help to mature for this wild wild west crypto market.

Thats the good news I've being wanting to hear.

If the thinker asks you to come back to the levels of 13 thousand dollars in two months.

a sigh of relief of many bitcoin holders. What ever is the reason this news make many people happy.

I hope other cryptos especially sbd and steem will also follow the trend

Thanks for the updates thought....

Well that is indeed a good news for us all ;)

Any price in the range 8,000 to 10,000 is a good long term investment. We all know it went down lower than 6,000 and returned to 10k. Bitcoin is not dead and yet.

Finally something is coming our way..i hope it continues this way.

according to my prediction. Bitcoin price is still in correction

Hopefully there is something behind there to give it some staying power at least!