Venezuelan team wins ETH Buenos Aires hackathon with its project "Tu cedula digital"

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On May 27, the hackathon called ETH Buenos Aires took place in the city of Buenos Aires, in which the team formed by Venezuelans Alejandro Machado, Eduardo Medina and Sebastián Delgado, came out victorious with his project called "Tu cedulo digital".

The CriptoNoticias team was able to obtain comments from one of the creators of this project, Alejandro Machado, who explained in summary what this initiative is about.

Your Digital Certificate is a system that allows you to "digitalize" a card to a mobile application, so that the person can access services that require identification through the internet (...) When performing this process, the person obtains a secret key that is saves on the phone and can be associated with digital cryptocurrency portfolios.

This project, based on blockchain technology, aims to facilitate conditional or regulated monetary transfer programs, initiated by the community of cryptoactives and aimed at Venezuelans.

In this way Machado explains that the objective of this is to eliminate the obstacle represented by identifying Venezuelans and associating them with cryptographic keys. This is achieved with the cooperation of Democracy Earth, which through the issuance of a digital certificate will allow the identification of users.

The latter should only upload a photo of themselves and their identity card, and then a photo with a group of security phrases. After which the digital certificate will be issued.

This program will also rely on uPort's digital identification service to validate the identity of its users, as explained in its publication on

We provide for the incorporation of Venezuelans into two different claim records at the same time: the uPort autonomous identity system and a jurisdiction of Venezuela that follows the Transaction Permission Layer protocol. Any service can use these protocols to ask if a potential user is Venezuelan and, therefore, is eligible for a conditional cash transfer.

Thanks to this program it is possible to prove that the users have a Venezuelan identification (identity card) and that they are registered in the official registry of voters, this last one is registered through an intelligent contract of Ethereum. In this way, when making a monetary transfer, interested parties can easily validate the identity of the members of this program.

The team of Your digital card did not offer more details about the operation of this program or about an estimated date of its launch.

This hackathon was carried out from May 25 to 27 and its purpose was to encourage the construction of the necessary infrastructure to take advantage of the benefits of public blockchain, such as Ethereum.

In this event there were also other interesting projects that were awarded. Such is the case of Token Toilet, a project that allows people to get rid of unwanted "junk" tokens and that after being sold the proceeds are donated to the charity.

There are also other winners, such as DAO Bouncer, which allows DAOs to restrict people's access to physical locations, and XOR Open Loan, which is a system designed to make low-cost loan contracts.

The ETH Buenos Aires is the third hackathon in the ETH Global series and the first to be organized in Latin America. This event had a panel of juries containing important personalities and representatives of Ethereum ecosystem organizations, such as Simon de la Rouviere and Evan van Ness of Consensys, Lane Rettig of Ethereum, Damian Brener of Zeppelin, Esteban Ordano of Decentraland and Joseph Urgo which represented district0x, among many others.


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