CRYPTO NEWS: US Secretary of the Treasury wants to make sure "bad people" can't use Bitcoin to do "bad things"

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Just posted this video on my Crypto YouTube channel

Stories covered in this video:

  • US Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin's comments on Bitcoin
  • Kraken being down for 2 days
  • Smart contracts reducing the usefulness of lawyers
  • Ripple XRP's high stakes legal battle

Btw, I'm looking to add a couple people to my YouTube team: a content writer and a technical expert. See this tweet series for more details.

EDIT: It seems that there is an audio bug when watching this video on iOS YouTube app.

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Anything coming out of the mouth of a former Goldman Sachs bankster should be met with a great deal of skepticism and suspicious. Just assume the guy is trying to scam you in some elaborate way right off the bat!

Makes sense. Best to keep all the criminals exclusively using the US Dollar!

God bless you

Good to see some high effort content. I mean there are lot's of crypto news channels but adding some effort and spicing it with humour - it works. Good job!

Bitcoin will retest 20 k before 30 March 2018

Haha agree, well done..I'm trying to fit in this crypto space by giving technical analysis on different coins. Just did a powerful analysis on GOLEM, hope you find it valuable @beercake :)


Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 22.05.18.png

dude you totally gotta lookit Polk's video on Bitconnect I didn't even know about Doug Polk until I was doing research on Grant Craigstein and his scammy sounding bitconnect thing... yeah that video is funny as HELL!

I'm now stuck watching most of his recent YT uploads.... Unexpectedly good find :D

Yah he's honest and excited about what he does. Has enthusiasm which is nice.

Who else do you watch for cryptinfo?

Honestly, no one else on a regular basis. I try to give most of the sources a try tho and see what they have to offer. Either they seem too confident in their opinions or they are so unspecific that you are none the wiser after the video.
Doug's style is to step back a bit and look at it from a more rational perspective and I like it.

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Doug, this is a little off topic but PLEASE do a collab with @cryptobobby. I think you 2 would make a killer crypto combo! Nike this bitch and JUST DO IT!

I'd be cool with it @dougpolkcrypto, would love to have you join on Crypto Happy Hour..

Unless of course you don't know the difference between a public and private key

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Am I the only one scared of the fact that people like Craig Grant, Trevon James and Crypto Nick are becoming rich? I swear my generation is going to have the dumbest billionaires possible...

Craig Grant: See guys BitconnectX is going to let us invest on the 8th and then they will tell us what we invested in on the 10th...
Trevon James: Guys I got hacked for 111 BTC, but don't worry I'll make it back in no time flat, I am involved in a giant MLM ponzi scheme after all...
Crypto Nick: Hey guys I just became a crypto millionaire, but I am not exactly sure what a public key is...

God help us all...


I'd love to see a lot of the legal industry displaced by crypto

Wow really? - Kraken down for 2 days "to give their engineers a rest" ?
Makes no sense to me - unless they have some deeply fundamental managerial and resourcing flaws.

Was it pre-scheduled or announced? Do people actually believe this?

I honestly wonder if there are remotely near enuff software developers and coders with the skills to even begin to handle the demands of all these crypto projects. It's still pretty bleeding edge stuff.

Imagine how many hours that team must be working: I could easily see them demanding a break and a bonus, or else one or two key guys quit and the company possibly crumbles.

I'm a trucker in an industry with serious employee shortages, I can tell you for a fact that when companies get super, super desperate they do desperate things like letting employees take extra time off, not disciplining employees who screw up, even firing freezes: yes, firing freezes.

These coders are like walking, breathing gold and they prolly knew it and took advantage of it to take a break. What else is Binance gonna do? Fire them so they can go work for the competition?!?

Check engine!!!!

Why would bad people use cryptocurrencies?! They use cash!!!

It's not like Monero was ever used for anything other than feeding babies and freeing captured butterflies!

thanks for the info

Bad people use cash

Ohh... Lets better stop paper money to stop criminal activities.

Why doesn't he make sure bad people don't do bad things with the dollar? Like our own government...

Don't want bad people using cryptocurrency to do bad thing?! When bad guys can use gun to do bad thing, why government never do something on it? Don't blame on something just for your own good. Bad guys can buy guns and bullet so you earn some pocket money, So when non-bad guy buy some bitcoin you gain nothing then you stand-up barking and blame bitcoin!

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Mnuchin is an evil dude.

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I like your videos. They are pure entertainment. I mean they are funny and inform you about the latest from the crypto world at the same time. Thank you @dougpolkcrypto

nice work friend good luck

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It's important to note if you use Bitcoin there is a record of your transactions; so basically if the authorities get ahold of a criminal's wallet they can build a case against him/her pretty quick if they know what they're doing. So this crime based argument is pretty lame IMO.

I hope you have a lot of success on here man we need people in the community like you and your Youtube videos are awesome. Crypto and Poker! Do you think you'll do trading strategy videos at some point? I would like to see that!

So glad you got on Steemit. You're a true voice of reason in times of hilarious idiocy. I'm still pissing myself when you cut to cryptonick saying he's not really sure what a public key is!

I think some people are investing into Cryptocurrencies to turn their illegal money legal

and whats wrong with that?

Does anyone buy this ridiculous argument by the control-freaks people call government about cryptos? The so-called "bad people" have been using cash and the regulated banking system to this point and that has not stopped the drug trade, human trafficking, or any other illicit activity you can think of. Cryptos are irrelevant to illegal activities, they will continue regardless. Yes, criminals will use cyrptos. So fucking what! It seems that the financial system doesn't like the competition cryptos offer "bad people" because now they (the legacy system) will be losing out on taking their cut!

I found you on YouTube, looks like Steemit will be paying off better because of the value of Steem and your great content! I would like to live in a world with less need for lawyers,

It's a good gesture US Secretary of the Treasury want Bitcoins to be used only by good people

another fractional reserve criminal suggesting the state eliminate the threat to its existence through regulation.

maintaining a malignant monopoly means managing public relations

What is bad people and what is bad things? Is using steemit a bad things?


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Haha I bet the government wants to monitor crypto currencies. I’m willing to bet more and more they will be “interested” in this. 🙄

Bad things happen with BItcoin or without it..that is just what happens!

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I don't see why bad people would care if they are allowed to use cryptocurrencies or not. Is it an American thing?

I've been watching some of Doug's vids and I appreciate how hes different than the other crypto channels. Great stuff dude

Good post, please follow back

I still think bitcoin has reached its elasticity limiy 🤔.... The laws of elasticity is already showing in its fluctuating rate.

These bureucrats should be more concerned with the money laudering done by the major banks.

Good info and analysis! upvoted and followed. Looking forward to more.

One of the major shortcomings of Bitcoin is the fact that it does not have the capacity for customer verification, thereby making it easy for criminals and terrorists to exploit that weakness to their advantage.

do we really have any say in how other should conduct their lives tho?

we have to continue studying the market to learn its tricks, let's get down to work

That's the reason they're giving us, the reality is Cryptos are less than 1% of the global economy, most criminal activity is STILL carried out using $ and £.
So if they cant stop crims from using fiat, are they going to be more, or less successful stopping crims from using cryptos.
The reality is, cryptos are a threat to fiat, and they want to strangle it to death with 'regulation' under the guise of 'protecting' us.

hmmm They dont seem to care tha bad people control fiat money to do bad things to entire countries enough though... Talking about double standards right here. Fuck em

Yup.. All arguments against crypto that i heard are bullshits. And all of this "bad things" are done with current paper money too. Regulations? What they regulate? Regulate us to not have equal status.

The information on XRP isn't easily found. Thank you for getiing this information out to the public. The question i have is whether or not future lawsuits can be filled for the same reason. It would seem XRP would have a continuous problem given the volatility of crypto and the magnitude of these types of transactions.

nice update and so learning from you. keep it up sir