Community, Crypto and Freedom: Jeff Berwick On The Freedom's Phoenix Podcast

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I recently was interviewed by Ernie Hancock on his Freedom’s Phoenix podcast.

We had a chance to cover a number of things including this coming year’s Anarchapulco conference which we anticipate to be the largest one yet and will be going on from February 15th-18th in sunny Acapulco, Mexico.

Cryptocurrency was, of course, a topic of discussion. Ernie asked me what it would be like to lead a decentralized lifestyle. I mentioned how with the internet and blockchain, it has become possible to nearly completely decentralize your life.

We also covered such things as the flag theory which, if you didn’t know, is a lifestyle also know as the PT theory that advocates for several citizenships and general ease of movement and avoidance of taxation/ extortion. This, of course, led into us talking about Liberland, a new territory where I recently became a citizen and ambassador.

Likewise, we talked about the upcoming Nexus conference in Aspen, Colorado on the 21st which I will be speaking at along with loads of great freedom oriented speakers.

You won’t want to miss this interview because we talked about numerous pertinent topics in great detail.

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20 months in to investing and learning everything bitcoin.. its been the best investment of my time

For the Freedom of Humanity

I figure every one of the devotees of Cryptos will be in for a Rude Awakening...

You'll be vastly improved off clutching Physical Pocket Change some time recently

the Reset and Transfer of Wealth happens... It's practically around the bend...

You can read more about my PC Theory on some of my many Expired Posts... @asrarahmad

Thank you... This is an easy way to Resteem...
You became an Original Thinker... I love it...

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When talking of freedom i especially like steemit, in all mayor social networks we see increased censorship going on. May it be for advertising reason or getting rid of unwanted opinion. Freedom in social networks is steemit big big chance!

Bitcoin is unstoppable, it is the decentralized engine, though transactions are public. But untraceable currencies such as Monero are poised to capture a decent part of the market share. Stay thirsty my friends. something that Jeff doesn't talk about! Worse than QE.

geez what is all this? so many forks.

Every single fork is a complete replication of the 21M BTC. QE on steroids!

So what can we take away from this as far as investing? BTC still one of the best coins to buy? Every time BTC forks, it again makes 21M new coins. QE is an innocent baby in comparison. It is not good. I am against any form of forking.

I think all the believers of Cryptos will be in for a Rude Awakening...
You'll be much better off holding onto Physical Pocket Change before
the Reset and Transfer of Wealth takes place... It's just around the corner...
You can read more about my PC Theory on some of my many Expired Posts...

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@pocketchange, How do you figure? Do you have any material to back your claim here? I browsed through your page and didn't come across any supporting articles, perhaps you could provide a link?

I'm an original thinker... You're getting it straight from me...
You can however, look up Article 1, Section 8 of the United
States Constitution, where it says that Congress has the Power
to Coin Money and "regulate" the Value thereof... The Federal
Reserve Notes have lost (in my opinion) 99% of their Purchasing
Power, which leaves a Pennies worth of Value... The Reset of our
Coinage will bring it back in line with the Play Money we've been
using as a Medium of Exchange and paying interest on for all these
years, putting us deeper and deeper into debt... We need to return
them to the Federal Reserve System after the Reset of our Coinage...
This is the one and only way that President Trump can help us "Make
America Great Again"...

I tend to see things that others over-look... Sorry, but I've said many
times throughout my Posts, that this is my Theory... It's mine, it's not
from someone else's article or link... It's straight from me... I am the link...

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I think your interpretation of the law has led you to a false conclusion. Bitcoins themselves cannot be regulated under current law. Bitcoins are not created by the federal government but through data processing within a network of computers. Thus, bitcoins are very much like a foreign currency and remain outside of U.S. jurisdiction as far as valuation or creation.

When you say that the "reset" is right around the corner, could you please define a more specific time frame?

When the Reset happens, it will be like Flipping a Switch...
You will either be Holding Physical Pocket Change or you won't...
I figure it will be done by an Emergency Executive Order from
The President of the United States... The Transfer of Wealth
will also happen at the Reset...

If you think any one of the Crypto Currencies are better
than Common Pocket Change backed by the United States
of America, then by all means, go out and invest as much as
you feel comfortable investing. in your Invisible "Ghost Money"... wow... I just Coined a new name for "Crypto Currencies"... Learn from an Original Thinker...

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All money is ghost money. An agreed upon idea. A concept. Nothing else.

Thanks for commenting... It's all good...

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You did not answer my question, what is the time frame for your proposed "reset" and what evidence do you have for it?

The US you term "pocket change" is actually backed by trillions in debt, with zero intrinsic value. It is the definition of "ghost money", it does not exist, it is fiat! Junk silver, aka quarters and dimes that were minted before 1964 indeed already have intrinsic natural value due to their silver content. But today's pocket change is made cheaply, with inexpensive materials that hold insignificant melt values. I think that you are grasping at straws and leading people to a false conclusion.

For one... A Digital or Paper Dollar is very different than a Dollar Coin, be it Gold, Silver or a Hundred, Copper plated Zinc Coins... It's not the metal value in our Coinage that gives it Value as a Workable Medium of Exchange... It's the Constitution of the United States of America... You ask for a specific time line... Anyone would be considered a Nut Case if he or she attaches an exact date to the Reset and Transfer of Wealth... Sorry, I can't fall for that kind of Trap... By the time the Reset happens, it will already be too late, to be "in on" the Largest Transfer of Wealth the World has ever seen... Do yourself a favor... Buy a hundred, one dollar coins... If I'm wrong, at least you'll have some U.S. Issued Cash outside of the Banking System when their Doors are Slammed Shut... If I'm right, you'll have a big smile on your face... There will be no losers because of the Reset... Only winners...

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I really like Jeff Berwick and everything he does to help wake people up.....LUCY SITz

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He should wake up himself...

Yes and i like his beard too lol

Thank you Jeff. Very interesting can't wait to see you show off what Liberland is like.


Nice interview, @dollarvigilante you are doing well. ;-)

There's also a lot to learn from all the comments...

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Bruce ven 🐶 💩

I like what you said , " we cut the government by 80%..." Wow that's a good reality, through Decentralization! Keep up the good work sir Jeff.

Stay green and healthy, Jeff.

Bitcoin is the future, paper money will soon be obsolete

We will soon have a New (Debt Free) U.S. Dollar...
We already have our debt free Pocket Change...
Get ready for the Reset and Transfer of Wealth...
Learn more on some of my many Expired Posts...

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You have given a lot for a Canadian lady to seriously consider entrepreneurship, and learning more on the Vigilante, cryptocurrencies, lifestyle, taking baby steps, beyond hope you are all safe from the coastal storms.

From one Canadian lady to another... I agree, he has inspired me too. I've been seriously thinking of moving to Mexico. His message on freedom has really moved me.

Yes I have researched even more, Mexico has regulations,there are a lot of expats there now,lots of great potential, for the aged are being better cared for less money than they ever could in Canada or the USA.

Thank you Jeff for all you share with us. I am new to cryptocurrency but find your way of life the real deal. Awesome! Conference sounds like the place to be! See you all there. :)

I agree, his way of life has been a huge eye-opener for me. I realized I've been an anarchist my entire life and didn't even know it. Love the flag theory too wow! He has inspired me to take my freedom and rights more serious.

thanks for the information. what your news is useful for us all ..

i have watching you radio interviews . they have good stuff. very much useful for newcomers like me

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That would be dope if Jeff shows us that free country when he travels there.

Eric is loud! Get'em Jeff.

Thanks for share and upvote

Hey @dollarvigilante

The video is really imformative and I get to know lot of new things I wasn't aware of.

Cryptocurrency really giving us freedom to send and receive money within few seconds.

Sorry to pop everyone's bubble, but Pocket Change is where the Freedom lies...

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My lesson 2 is not coming through, waiting for a better connection there is some interference.

It's rare to see this in depth conversation. I divulge that this is premium content. Your interviews attract big spenders!

Thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed

Wow that was quite the contrast in personalities.

Keep up the fight!

I can see this working out nicely for you keep up the good works

nice video

good your sharing

Please tell me about business opportunities in Myanmar.

Your write up inspires.................. Good work.

I love the freedom all this decentralization and cryptos is bringing :)

Indeed, Bitcoin continues to flow, the engine is decentralized, even though the transaction is public. But a currency that can not be traced like money is ready to reach an unparalleled part of the market. Continue to increase and continue to succeed

Thank you Jeff. Very informative as usual!!!!

great podcast!!!

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Thank you

Nice and tnx to share this post

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Cryptocurrencies are the way forward. Fiat will exist for a long long time however. You only have to look at Africa and other bits of the world to realise that. I don't think Bitcoin will be the crypto that fully cements a paper free monetary society. I think it will be a crypto that doesn't yet exist.

good article.

Thanks for Update. and I subscribed to your Youtube channel for latest ..

Watched this last night. Great video, hoping I can go to Anarchapulco!!!

I can't afford the Nexus Conference even though it is nearby, but I'm tempted to try to crash it, because the speaking list is incredible!

Sorry... I won't be one of the Speakers there, but you can still
get a good idea about my thoughts on Ghost Money (Crypto's)
or my thoughts on the Reset and Transfer of wealth, using my
Pocket Change Theory...

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I have been following Jeff on youtube for months now. He introduced me to Steemit, though I still do not quite comprehend it. I have been trying to post, etc., but at least it is fun, seeing such a diversity of topics and ideas. I have no clue if anyone sees my posts, but clearly Jeff is seen.

Looking forward for a cashless society where you can literally live on just bitcoin, when all fiat collapse the one who miscredit btc today will be working 9-5 for satoshis tomorrow 💲

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