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Binance is no longer accepting new users. A few weeks ago, I was advising people to sign-up for binance because it's been the best exchange I've used so far and it's also the cheapest. I knew they would shut down new user registrations because all other exchanges have. Binance has grown to be one of the most used exchanges because of it's ease of use and automation. Binance is also looking to build a decentralized exchange. BNB is spiking like there's no tomorrow!

Let's talk about it in this video and let me know what you think! :)

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This is really crazy!

I also have one to sell [email protected] for more info :)

gran post amigo! saludos.

Thank you! Saludos! :)

Te invito ha pasar por mi blog:) como yo lo estare haciendo por el tuyo!

Holy cow that is crazy. This is why being involved in the crypto space is so awesome!

I know!!! This space is ripe for the picking right now. And only 0.1% of the population owns crypto! If you're reading this - We are the early adopters! Congratulations! :)

Holy cow, I am so glad that I actually registered binance one week ago and absolutely loved this exchange!

Where can i sell those?
I have an unverrified bittrex and binance accnt.
Also, you can't send BTC to an unverrified Bittrex accnt, so locking the seller out of his/her money is not even possible

Selling my binance account for 7000$, registred in 2017. not verified. email me : b i n a n c e @ e x p e r i a t i s . c o m

Are people still buying? I've got one for sale.

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