Bitcoin IS NOT Dead and it IS NOT a Bubble, FIAT IS!

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Since 2011. Bitcoin has "died" 7 times. Bitcoin is not dead. Bitcoin is not a bubble, fiat is the real bubble. Towards the end of 2017. Crypto shot right up. Bitcoin hit 20K. Quite a few people where asking if this was sustainable. We got our answer in the beginning of 2018 with a major correction. Bitcoin dropped over 70%. It has done this before though so in theory it could shoot up again in the next 2 years. This is just speculation based on past occurrences, also based on the fact that things are moving a lot quicker in crypto now than they were in the past.

Since the correction. Some money has left crypto and gone into physical assets like precious metals and real estate seen a bit of growth, particularly with regard to purchases made with crypto.

Think about this for a second. If you invested a couple of hundred dollars into bitcoin in 2010 or 2011. You’d be a millionaire. How would that feel? Becoming a millionaire for doing no work.

People either love cryptocurrency or they hate it. But there is a middle ground. A grey zone. Where certain companies and platforms will go crypto and this will start the trend that the haters won’t be able to avoid or deny. Look at what amazon is doing for instance. Now what the actual value of Bitcoin will be is debatable. Will it be 200 thousand? Or is it only worth 5 thousand? If you take a look at the market cap of gold, the cryptocurrency market cap is very small in comparison. We will have a better feel for the actual value of Bitcoin when the market cap gets much bigger.

If we talk of crypto being a bubble, the real money, value bubble is fiat currency. How do we know what a dollar or a pound is worth? Seriously. Who decides how many dollars is needed for someone to buy a car or a house? Fiat is the biggest bubble.

I believe physical assets, real estate and precious metals especially gold will do really well. I want to start researching real estate affiliated and gold backed cryptocurrencies as well as I think these could potentially do quite well.

If you managed to get into Bitcoin or alt coins back when they were cheap, the price has gone up considerably and your are in profit. Some people would say to HODL. In this case I can’t tell you what to do but I personally would take out my initial investment and enter into a new investment, or into a physical asset. Then I would establish a HODLing portfolio with an allocated amount for trading.

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It's not dead and it will never be it's a future that's 100% sure the blockchain technology the future

100% for sure bro.