Bitcoin Vs Petro

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

According to experts in cryptocurrencies say that the petro will be the new currency of the future exceeding the expectations created with the Bitcoin, for a few years the Venezuelan government is studying the real possibility of replacing any trade with traditional currencies and take a big step to make all transactions With this new cryptocurrency, resources are supported in gold, diamond and gas reserves, bitcoin has no reserves, so Venezuela will be the first country to adopt a radical substitution of its currency for a cryptocurrency ..

possibly in 2 or 3 years the Petro exceeds the value of Bitcoin, being the most stable currency on the planet .. the first phase of buying and selling will start only to Venezuelan citizens or residents as well as companies ... those interested in acquiring Petro can write me to detrisbyte @ or by what app ... you can book with $ 10 dollars..which would be equivalent to 2 Petros, remember that Bitcoin cost 025 cents invest now and be millionaires after paypal [email protected]

Segun expertos en criptomonedas aseguran que el petro sera la nueva moneda del futuro superando las expectativas creadas con el Bitcoin, desde hace unos años el gobierno venezolano estudia la posibilidad real de sustituir cualquier comercio con divisas tradicionales y dar un gran paso para realizar todas las transacciones con esta nueva criptomoneda, los recursos estan soportados en reservas de oro, diamante y gas, el bitcoin no tiene reservas, por lo que Venezuela sera el primer pais en adoptar de manera radical la sustitucion de su moneda por una criptomoneda.. posiblemente en 2 o 3 años el Petro supere el valor del Bitcoin, siendo la moneda mas estable del primera fase de compra y venta se iniciara solo a ciudadanos venezolanos o residentes asi como empresas...

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