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The Easiest Way to Make Money on Crypto? Here it is. Part 1.

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

But why buy any from the bottom. There is non-zero chance that 100% of the coins are wiped out in the coin rationalization that is coming.

Sure, if you happen to hold one that isnt wiped out, you hit the lottery. Why not just buy lottery tickets.

Buy a diversified bunch at the top and hold and forget the diversified portfolio is good advice.

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i agree with that more. a lot of those coins won't make it

I agree.
Better buy from like Top 10 or Top 15...

I do not like to buy because of their position. I prefer to find out more about their intentions and I go to the website. I also go to radar cyber fund to know if they are real, real mayonaise. I did not invest in Bitconnet when I noticed it was not even considered in this site. Nevertheless, I do not know how the popularity of the site made it go as high as #9 position. And it is very popular with those people who like to refer other people to the program.

Rationalization??? What's that. Who is going to do what? There is a lot of creative words this day!

Free market always provides rationalization. New markets start as wild wild west, lots of innovators, many copy cat companies, many small start-up companies. Think PCs. There was a time in 1986 when 1000's of kids were building PCs in their dorm rooms and selling out of their dorm rooms.

That got rationalized over time. And now we have Dell and HP.

Same phenomena with the internet boom in 1999/2000. Thousands of small start-ups.

And the free market washed a lot of the crappy companies away.

Same will happen with crytpos. There are more than 1,200 different coins out there. You think we really need 1,200+ coins.

We may need 10 at most, probably less than 5. Free market will wash away all the crap with time.

That is as guaranteed as the sun rising. I promise you with 100% certainty, we will not have 1,200 different crypto coins in 20 years.

Or it could go the other way and local/ use specific crypto coins flourish.