Bitcoin wallet and exchange price increase

in bitcoin •  last year

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Is it me or has anybody else noted that a large number of mining and exchanges have increase how much you need to withdraw your money YES YOUR MONEY...from Eobot to many many more such as ANXpro .

Was the aim in the first place to give the underbanked a way of exchange and trading, It is getting harder and harder to get your money out of these exchanges and we are seeing a big increase in the amount of proof you need much more than any high street bank needs. In the UK its hard enough to get money into the bitcoin eco system and much much harder to cash out.

Have the banking sector taken over and these companies from miners to exchanges only want to know if you can trade over $50.00 dollars worth and to slowly freeze out the the real reasons that could help a world community.

I would like to know your thoughts and experience?

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