Come and bet on OneHash! Free faucet available!

in bitcoin •  4 months ago

Hi everybody! Today it's OneHash's day!
Join HERE and see for yourself! It's a mutual Bitcoin betting platform with more and more betting options where you can bet like:


-LIVE betting on;

  • Goals, where you shot on goal

  • Moon, where you guess how far will rocket fly!

  • Dice, where you guess dice number, HI or LOW

  • Slots, spinning as usual

  • Markets;

    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Forex
    • Commodities
    • Stock exchange
  • E-Sports

    • CS:GO
    • Dota 2
    • LoL
    • Overwatch
    • Call of Duty
  • all kinds of classic sports...

  • And all kinds of special events in sports and politics like next prime minister of Italy or Connor's next opponent....

OneHash banner

You have every 15minutes fee 100satoshi faucet :)
Wish you all good luck and most of all good time playing!

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