No One Ever Said Crypto Would Be Easy...How to Thrive When There is Blood, Blood, Everywhere!

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Well, I was up at 3.00am this morning, when I realized major stuff was about going down...its was chaos in the streets. Bloodbath right in front of my very eyes.

Oh yes this was real...I wasn't dreaming....I felt tricked onto this roller-coaster. At first I just wanted off...but then realized...there was nothing this crypto-obsessed trans-girl could do but hold on for dear life.... Oh what a ride it was though!

Definitely, my first emotion was anger. Oh shit....I'm losing so much money...


But soon after...rational thought came back and I realized I just got paid a few days ago...I got this.... This was an opportunity...Yeah...Fuck Yeah!!! Time to pick up some Bitcoin and Ethereum on the cheap...Wooh...Oh yes!!! How exciting!!!

This is what your supposed to do on a crash like this!

But soon after attempting to make a purchase on Coinbase...I was yet again flabbergasted with new emotions...I had already hit my maximum purchase limit for the week on Coinbase..........before the crash.
Unbelievable Gordon Ramsey.gif

I realized that I could use logic instead of emotion and make off like a bandit. So I decided to take a long position leveraged 2.5x on LTC, DOGE, and STR just as the bounce back was starting. Picked up some Digibyte on the cheap, and bought more steempower....These positions have done really well. Life isn't so bad when you know your going to the moon.

I can't throw my money at crypto any faster than I am right now....Take my money!! Take it all. There is so much opportunity.

I am in this for the long game, and if you want some awesome advice fellow Steemians, feel free to check out my chart analysis on Ethereum's possible moves just below. I have been doing pretty well in the crypto environment lately and would love to help other's do well also.

Ethereum Analysis -
Correction is Soon to be Over

Let me know your thoughts about the today's excitement. Did you buy and make some awesome moves? Did you sell? Do you have some advice you'd like to share? I'd love your feedback, and got upvotes saved for the comments :D

Feel free to follow me to the moon @Cryptounicorn....You know you want to :3

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I shall follow I have very little idea what you are talking about and feel the need to learn!


Yeah, there is definitely a lot of opportunity and excitement to be had :D

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I'm just getting started with crypto, any suggestions for a newbie?

yeah i agree with you, good post, followed


Ty for the follow, I'll follow you back too....What kind of trades did you do today with the big price swings?