TOP CRYPTO NEWS: Announcing Partnership With Digital Media Network Maven!

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Today, has announced partnership with the Maven Network, will provide Maven publishers with the ability to time stamp and time-license their content in an unalterable system that will automatically issue digital ownership certificates.

Who is who? is a continuation of Proof of Existence, the first non-financial blockchain application. The core objective of is to create a platform which simplifies the process for publishing, licensing and authentication of digital assets. Simplifying the publishing process necessitates solving the issues of document integrity, licensing, arbitrage, analytics, syndication and attribution of digital assets. aims to create a blockchain-based platform with added smart contract functionality and applications to facilitate distribution of digital creative works and remove barriers to entry for publishers and asset creators by solving these issues.

Maven is an expert-driven, group media network, whose innovative platform serves, by invitation-only, a coalition of professional, independent channel partners. By providing broader distribution, greater community engagement and efficient advertising and membership programs, Maven enables partners to focus on the key drivers of their business: creating, informing, sharing, discovering, leading and interacting with the communities and constituencies they serve.

Based in Seattle, Maven is publicly traded under the ticker symbol MVEN. The founders include digital media pioneers James Heckman and Ross Levinsohn, and leadership includes media and technology innovators Josh Jacobs, Bill Sornsin and Ben Joldersma.

Details of partnership

One of the most exciting aspects about our partnership is the scale to which TheMaven is already built. TheMaven’s content creators currently serve more than 40 million users. Each of these users also will now be exposed to, which become their primary source of registration and licensing information for every work distributed through the platform. will immediately provide value to TheMaven’s partners through its time-stamping technology. Publications and content creators have the ability to build a digital fingerprint of their history and manage a unalterable, permanent journalistic portfolio. For the first time, creators will have complete ownership over their digital works. Any decisions regarding how content is used or repurposed are up to the discretion of its creator.

Both and TheMaven are working toward the same mission: to help content creators better protect and monetize the value of their work. team is confident that Maven’s content creators will quickly learn to value the benefits of blockchain technology and decentralization.

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