Palm Beach Confidential calling for new ATH!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

I have been saying it for weeks on my YouTube channel. After every major correction we find new all time highs. This time is no different. We will all be okay and its just takes patients.

In just about every forum related to cryptocurrency everyone is speculating on how much farther the market will go and how long it will last. In my opinion that's the worst thing to do. Price corrections, pullbacks, and crash's are a normal, healthy, and ugly part of investing.

Its important that we all focus on controlling our emotions. Its the moment you let those emotions take control that you end up selling and actually losing money.

Watch the video above to see the Palm Beach Confidential essay.

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Good to be here.... great one! New ATH will be nice for my pocketbook!

Nice to have you

Over pay!

LOL. I am hoping I don't have to go that route.

Crypto Krissy! Nice vid!

Ahhh. You made me blush.

People are used to minute by minute returns and that's just not reality. We had a nice run but its time for correction. Just walk away and don't look at your portfolio for a few days. Keep a sense of history, the price of bitcoin has seen this before.

Very true

Took a whole day away from the market (family matters)... It will go up.. just a matter of when (not if)... I am bullish still this month if no FUDs and real players step in... =P

Man oh man having money to invest early this morning would of paid off. Market cap was in the 250 to 300 billion mark. Especially good old Neo it was cheap. Too bad I'm strapped I'm still waiting for my hair to grow back. Lol

Sure enjoy these Palm Beach Confidential (Lol) leaks!!

Your advise is spot on!!! Don't get the itchy fingers and sell. The best thing to do rite now is buy more or just sit and watch the market do it's thing. I get a great enjoyment out of doing the research and reading about the coins. Always looking for the next fun ride to swing my way. I can't wait to see all the green again!!

Day trading just seems to sketchy for me right now. I just feel the second I do a trade I would miss out on a large spike.

As long as nothing too crazy happens the rebound will be very nice IMO. HODL or trade carefully and let John McAfee handle the rest lol

Lately...somedays watching the market is like driving by a car crash...somedays it's like driving by someones house party your not invited to. For now, I'm not making any moves....although it's hard not to change some USD into BTC and grab up some good alt coins on the cheap....I've decided to hold out and hold on to what I have and wait it out and see. Great vid as usual Kristof!

now that my money is finally in exchange i was able to buy 10000 tron at .03, 3300 cindicator at .12 and i have 5 lite coins now. not a bad start to my crypto voyage to being rich lol

following you here as well now bro. i hope we will do well this year.

Yesterday the market was all bloody!! Hoping to see better improvements~