How not to get fucked investing in cryptocurrency!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago  (edited)

Are you investing or are you gambling? Most people cannot tell the difference. I was once one of those kinds of people who couldn't see that the risk I was taking wasn't actually risk, but a gamble. Making an informed, calculated, and strategic decision while excersizing patients is the key to success.

Watch my video and tell me what you think.

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Buy low, sell high. Seems easy right? Just kidding my advice is you need to establish rule and stick to them. Average into positions, take profits and do your homework.

due to new tax laws day trading could hurt bad lol

you are the man kristof realist person i can find on internet, following you on youtube and here and where ever you go with the info you have your an asset

The key is taking out initial after 2x and letting the profits ride

I'm not saying this is the case, but with the stock market going down it might be good for crypto. People might try to find new places to invest. This will become a double edge sword, but will be good in the long run. We are already seeing the result of it. As the stock market has dumped crypto has recovered nicely and I think that money is coming in this world. If this market start crashing we might start seeing the stock market increase due to people cashing out and investing it in the stock market. They might start stitching between the markets. It will definitely be interesting.

Believe it happens a lot with most novice... The simple question I ask is, would you HODL for the coin when the "sky is falling"... It shows you why you believe in it (and hopefully did research why)... I think people just do not do that but listen to hype and FUDs

I'm still a novice on day trading so tend to not do it. Last night and all day Binance exchange has been down so that must have been why the market cap has stayed so close. Should be interesting when they reopen and see madness trading.

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I guess I would have to become much more knowledgable of trends and market indicators to day trade. Right now I am thinking of investing in tokens as a medium/long term investment. I try to use research to buy technology I think will be useful and will stick around to turn a profit. Great Video as usual!

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Love your channel, I follow you on you tube as well. Your info is on point and I've made some money following you, of course after doing my own research. As soon as I get this dtube, steemit thing down, I'll definitely give money or upvote or whatever it's called. It's the least I can do from all that I''ve gotten from your videos.

Definitely investing. All my coins are stashed away in my own wallets and I am only investing in projects which I think have a good chance to succeed, based on past experiences, team etc. I am a long term investor but every now and then I would do a bit of day trading with other stuff, not my long term coins.