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RE: Criminal Chinese Government Crashes The Cryptocurrency Market

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Communism sucks, I know it first hand. I'm from Cuba and spent 25 years in that hell hole. I'm free and a staunch libertarian now! Cryoto investor and follower of the Dollar Vigilante! saludos, looking forward to check out Acapulco.


China flexed its muscles today and banned ICOs. You'd think this would free up funds of crypto investors and drive them over to Bitcoin since ICOs are managed under ETH. But so far all we have seen is a negative impact. Governments that want to crash Bitcoin are watching and learning. is the #1 Cryptocurrency Exchange!

I always say that Chinese government is very foxy. They are worshipped like God in China. Once we lift its veil, we just know how hypocritical and evil it is! What kind of trick they are good at!
They fool common Chinese who live in a poor life, letting them feel government always treats them well, protecting them from being hurt.

Foxy enough to actually have a lot of its citizens fooled. But look at just the housing market and you can see how utterly inept it is.

Some say that Mao's death count could be 100million. The socialists even messed up the documents. They had no incentives to take a good care of everything.

Here is another funny one:

I'm glad you got out. Saludos Hermano.

Communism does suck. This is my experience with it: