Glad you liked it ! Thanks a lot.

In case you've been looking into ICOs, I've been trying to develop an ICO Valuation methodology. I've been through how not to get scammed and how to properly evaluate an ICO team. Also, I put some alerts out for a possible ICO Bubble, as have the CFA Institute.

To facilitate the way people keep up with ICOs I came up with the Ultimate ICO List and an ICO resources list.

Hopefully you'll find some of that useful.

Looking forward to your reading new posts of yours and hearing your thoughts on mine ! Cheers

Nice review, and interesting links in your comment that I'm going to check out for sure!

Hey there @cryptorofu and @cryptocoinclub , finally had the time to make a new Portfolio Tracker Review since this one is a bit old nowadays. I’d appreciate your input on that !

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