How Governments Want To Influence Bitcoin negatively

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There's absolutely no doubt that. A billion dollars all looks good feels good but I'm going to tell you right now let's be careful. The break above that 4000 all the sudden sunday gets here and it all just goes to hell in a handbasket so let's not get enough back home right now to say that but always thanks part of the plan so listen now talk about the whole the plan Sleeping with the Enemy why institutions option this is something that I really want to to talk about because I want to think about what you guys think of the whole thing bitcoin is open-source right now decentralized internet several times. Respect credit One is not old right now the governor another example that is horrible

Facebook was hurting a big piece of that you know a big a large caramel piece of that happening is the biggest threat to privacy internet history is open a lot of wonderful things that no longer exist because the government models

Please shut down or there quickly and what they're trying to say here is really hoping so much for Wall Street to get involved that this could very well happen to cryptocurrency I don't think you can but I don't I say that the efforts by Central entity used to try to get their fingers in there and control and manipulate this the way that control the web and even Facebook in so many different Avenues in new respects to that I don't think that their efforts will be anything less than valeant to put it that way I think the battle really really makes you think about this over here the SEC could be resisting billions of dollars at the US economy of postponing Bitcoin ETF ultimate for them to Ultimate come in

What they want to shape it in order to control an ETF has got to happen will manipulation nanosaur scam our answer to all this this not that check valves list and that's more things to take away the Visa that could actually happen there's so many elements to the what was

I want primary one that would make it hard for them to use these against us and that's the fact that there is no CEO was on an entity the net worth of the miners worldwide there's not a single nation behind them it's not it's a whole ecosystem I love calling equals what is if you are what are you buying sell mine whatever it is you do cannot be stopped now another thing to think about though they comes to the US economy being hurt by it postponed is the fact that these businesses these businesses are going overseas and we are seeing places like the UK are doing a blockchain ETF which will benefit cryptocurrency and Bitcoin.

Lee Kim Sung-Seoul-South Korea


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