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Payza debit card available in 48 countries, including USA. Payza is a gateway from cryptocurrency to fiat money. It's an online payment gateway and E wallet service that functions similar to PayPal. With Payza you can buy and sell Bitcoin as well as other cryptocurrencies, including DASH, STEEM, and SBD.

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Payza! Thanks for this share lately Craig, it's a brilliant find. This makes crypto easier for the average person. Easier for the average person is what we need for accelerated progress. Blockchain is security, blockchain is financial freedom. Blockchain is how we avoid economic catastrophe in the face of the worlds economy seemingly teetering on the verge of collapse.

Thanks so much for this information. This card seems like an interesting tool to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It seems to give regular people an easier way to purchase cryptocurrencies. Marketing and promotions for these products and services besides earning affiliate commissions does increase the price of the market as well as leading to greater adoption of cryptocurrencies in the general population.

Go payza! It is truly brilliant news. The potential consequences are staggering.

Thanks for sharing I will check this card out and if I like it I will get me one:)

This looks killer, love the direction everything is going, soon ill be buying groceries at the Amazon grocery store with crypto here In the Bay Area by 2018.

Looks good, have to explore further once steemdollars start to overflow

very helpful. thanks for sharing

At this point in time it is almost smarter to use a payza card instead of an exchange. Thanks for the video.

Going to have to check this out. Thanks again @craig-grant!

Nice and useful information when someone can have the opportunity to go there, it will be indispensible to get that kind of information. Thnxs for sharing it @craig-grant. Greetings from Venezuela.

Yup yup yup!!! I love articles like these, its what I can use to show people in my life about how awesome this crypto world is!!! Thanks for sharing @craig-grant! Keep em coming 😎

Great info thankx for sharing

Thanks for sharing information! I like yours post

I was thinking of payoneer master card but now i think i will take payza card thank you for sharing

i am always use payza for transaction it very good with very fast transaction

I was just looking for this info... and bang, you put it up here! Thanks! I'll check out if it is available in India. Cheers! - @sandzat

Nice helpful information sir payza debit card is really useful thing.

its good to cover every aspect of marketing to make normal people aware

Going to use from Nepal. Will it work here

Good information

Great post. Thanks for sharing!

Payza sound interesting...Thanks!