[ Bitcoin Price ] Big Break-out coming! Up or Down?

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There are more than one person seeing this triangle form in the Bitcoin chart. The sides are coming in as the Bitcoin price range getting smaller and smaller or is it tighter and tighter.

Some say tomorrows futures contracts coming to an end and can be the catalyst for a break out of this triangle, but will it be UP of DOWN?

Yesterday I blogged about two analyst, Tone and Lee, that think we are going lower to the 7500 range. Tone and Lee are long term guys and the longer you try to look in the future the more possibilities there could be, so it is not clear.

Today I watch the Chart Guys video and Dan seems to be bullish. He thinks something will happen soon and it can start tomorrow or over the weekend. That is very soon. 😊

The Chart Guys are the experts when it comes to short term views on Bitcoin, so watch this for more details:

I believe we will go up from here to $20k and not see $7500 bitcoin price. What do you think?

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i hope it goes down so i can buy more ...lol

Good strategy @kumablack

D day is coming... ;)

What will happen then @zrna?


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for me this info is very helpful to know the movement of bitcoin , slightly Upvote from me to help your online business @colinbrazendale
thanks. :)

Thank you for your support @war-tp

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The triangle seems to be there, but the crypto market itself seems shaken by the propoganda and needs something to refresh peoples perspective such as closing out January and getting this popping on Feb 1st.

We some feel good news to get this Bull running again like in 2017 @cellbones

Thanks for your insight @colinbrazendale. I see BTC as short term bearish (very short term, maybe over the next two weeks or so).

After that, I see BTC as bullish for sure. The release of the lightning network alone should give it a good price boost where it can find some support!

The lightning network is going to be implemented in the next few weeks?

I'm not sure, I'm sure you can find out with a quick search - I'm just saying that it will have a positive effect :)

Ow.. I thought you have some insider information. I've been searching about the full implementation date of lightning, but sadly, I can't find anything regarding that. Hopefully, the trial phase goes smoothly for us to have another bull run.. :)

Thank you for sharing! I just really hope that bitcoin goes back to its upward track. I've been a bagholder for about 2 weeks now and I really want to get back to day-trading 😓 I'll look forward to your next posts. Good day!

The value of the digital currency has shifted wildly over recent weeks.

thank you!