Trading Blog Update - 2 - Making Money on the Stock Market with Bitcoin!

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Making money on the stock market with Bitcoin proves profitable again this week!


I drew a fibonacci fan on the image above which shows the levels of support and resistance.

It looks like we have a solid up trend. If you look at the fibonacci fan it shows that we have been bouncing off the $4600 level, as long as we stay above we should go higher!

The trend is our friend!

I expect more of the same for Bitcoin, you know what that means... I am going to be buying as much Bitcoin as possible on and off the stock market! Expect to see me add more GBTC before the next portfolio update!

GBTC is the symbol for the Bitcoin Investment Trust. Each share is backed by .10 Bitcoin and .10 Bitcoin Cash! GBTC is how I get Bitcoin exposure into the portfolios!


GBTC is really helping out my portfolios!

Check out the performance below! You can also check out how the latest purchases, gold and oil are doing. Last time I posted screenshots of the portfolio was 10 days ago, check out the original post here:

Click to View Portfolio

Adding Bitcoin to the Portfolio was one of the smartest things I have done this year!

Just because Bitcoin has done well does not mean I will keep scoring home runs!
The Bitcoin confidence has kicked in, I am starting to make more investments. I just started to branch out into Gold and Oil, and also a few small Bitcoin companies. It has been a bumpy ride with the Bitcoin companies, BTCS dropping a bit, and BITCF was halted by the SEC last week, so until they get more proof of their cryptocurrency reserves it is not going anywhere! That was the only thing that happened that makes me realize why I went to Bitcoin off the stock market in the first place, you don't have to deal with all the rules.

In the future could there be a STEEMPOWER ETF?

How easy would it be to create a STEEMPOWER ETF or FUND like GBTC? The fund could set up a big account and even earn more steem for investors from posting the fund's prospectus and updates. When that day comes I believe the price of even one STEEMPOWER may go ballistic!

With great risk comes great reward!

The stock market has the Bitcoin and Bitcoin companies with the greatest risk, will it all turn into the greatest reward? Follow my blog and see!

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Semoga akan terus dan terus bertambah, sehingga akan mendapatkan hasil untung yang sangat besar @coininstant

bit coin is the future

as a Bill Gates says: ''Nobody can stop bitcoin"

Such a good knowledge to share @coininstant. Especially for me who is seeking knowledge about it. Keep it up good work!

You are great Analyst
and to be honest not everyone was lucky to get bitcoin in their Portfolio where the price was lower .
But for it I can say I am glad i will have Steem in the Crypto market :)

A well done analysis. Thank you @coininstant ! Keep them coming !

how is your prediction about the price of the next steem? whether it will grow big, or will it add thin for the price ahead?


Steem to grow big!


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Cool post. But in the past GBTC has corrected to reflect the underlying assets, and the premium has disappeared? ... so personally I would stick with the real thing for long term holding😀 Maybe nice for trading, but I wouldnt like to buy at the current premium - selling would be nice though hehe😉

bitcoin is power sir @coininstant

Great analysis mate and its always good to see bitcoin making some cool moves

you have no idea how good it feels to wake up every morning knowing you are mine and I am yours."" Good Morning, my best friend"

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Good share for information

Bitcoin going close to $5k mark and yeah with great risk comes great reward :D

Wow that would be awesome! What a great trading tips and strategies! Thank you very my friend! Really appreciate your effort and yeah I will try it!


wao bitcoin is very good money because its increase like rocket

Great analyes @coininstant, i like your post

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