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It seems that if João Amoêdo wins the election, the country will become a new "place of power" for the cryptocurrency.

The candidate for the presidency of Brazil from the New Party, João Amoêdo turned out to be a big fan of the cryptocurrency. Mr. Amoêdo participates in the elections, which will be held in October this year. In an interview when he was asked about cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, he said that he did not consider them a threat to the financial system of his country, on the contrary, the cryptocurrency carries a number of undeniable advantages.

Amoedo spoke during an interview with a regional news channel. In it, the candidate for the presidency talked about the cryptocurrency and the blockchain with knowledge of the matter, which pleases, because politicians sometimes do not have absolutely any knowledge in this sphere. He largely approves the innovations related to the blockchain.

"I see the blockchain as a protocol, which increases the reliability and integrity of the data," says Amoedo. "There are obvious niches where it is high time to use technology, for example, interbank transfers or for registration as a notary. Another, not obvious example of use is the application of technology in logistics, for tracking supplies and the production chain of the product. No matter how much ANVISA tried, they hardly know when the meat was packed, which is put on the counter. With the blockchain, we could track the entire production chain of the product. "

Amoedo believes that this is only the beginning: "The possibilities of using blockchain are almost limitless. You can deploy electronic voting platforms, digital passports, improve transparency and accountability in public administration, facilitate and make the bidding process transparent. "

The presidential candidate sees no threat to the traditional banking system in the face of the cryptocurrency. "I see only the advantages in providing consumers with a new, modern means of payment," Amoedo assured.

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