Bitcoin showing a little life after the beating it took yesterday

in •  6 months ago

Right about now I will take any green I can get. The last 24 hours has been absolutely brutal. Honestly I think this is just another calm in the storm though. Personally i feel like sometime in September we might get a little wind in our sails but maybe i am still just to new and stary eyed at this point in my crypto carrer .

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BTC will decrease so more in value due to the market and lack of innovative solution bind to blockchain.
It is not a financial advice.

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Well looks like you came into cryto at the peak, your perspective might be skewed to go only down then.

I've just started posting in Steem recently, and if Steem goes up from here, I'm going to think it's all sunshine in Steem, but I've ridden BTC up and down and up again, so I can say with experience, the capitulation shows sign that we're at a mid term bottom