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RE: The best way to track your crypto-portfolio

in #bitcoin3 years ago (edited)

Another tool that I'd love to get your feedback on is CoinTracker ( It has a simple interface, supports automatic pulls from wallet addresses, and allows manual entry of 1,500+ coins & tokens.

Full disclosure: I built this tool because I didn't like other tools I found as much.


All right awesome, great work ! I'll be sure to give it a try soon. Hope all the best !

Sorry, the link should be (thanks Phil!). Now also integrates with top exchanges such as Coinbase, GDAX, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, etc.

@chanfest22, simply loved it. Found a bug though ! please check it out on the new Portfolio Tracker Review. Congratulations on your work ! Your platform is one of the highlights of the post and I'm really looking forward to seeing more from you guys.