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Steemit is such a large community, it encompasses various areas and the crypto coins are not the exception. One of the ways to bet on Bitcoin is the so-called Bitcoin Mining , specialized hardware for obtaining this cryptocurrency that has not stopped growing since 2009.
The most trusted website today, where it is possible to rent mining power, to obtain bitcoins is Genesis Mining, a rental company of "processing", in which it is possible to obtain bitcoins that are deposited in the portfolios of Each user.

Each miner or user of this website, has a code that can be used to obtain a 3% discount on the purchase of "mining power".

Below are the PROMO codes of various steemit users so that anyone who wants to buy these contracts can get a discount and benefit even more, to this community of communities, such as



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thats very generous lFLoNj

follow and resteem

Many thanks for including me here :)

I promise to follow & upvote (with steemvoter) anyone who uses my code!


Errr what does the code do in simpler terms ;)


a discount of 3%.


It gives you a 3% discount when you buy a mining contract with Genesis mining. And the person whose code you use gets a little reward for it :)

I am going to do a more detailed post on exactly what mining is soon....




you wellcome sir

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can you tell me sir why the flag?

cool. I mine with genesis mining too :D

Use 6bXKwD for 3% off all contracts