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  Cryptocurrency is a form of digital money that is designed to be secure and, in many cases, anonymous. It is a currency associated with the internet that uses cryptography, the process of converting legible information into an almost uncrackable code, to track purchases and transfers.

 ICO has proven to be a revolutionized way for many companies and projects to raise money. ICO can be said as the blend of conventional methods and advanced techniques. The primary thing to consider here is that investors investing in the ICO will be 100% free of risk due to the technology used. 

Invacio Coin is a token developed to ERC20 standards. These standards ensure that the interactions, exchanges, smart contracts and wallet storage are seamless, secure, swift and straightforward, across all token platforms. ERC20 is the current gold standard of blockchain technology. The launch of INVACIO COIN will serve several purposes, raising the capital required to begin launching our many solutions to market, quickly and robustly.

 Purchase Of Invacio Coin

 Invacio will offer coin purchasers’ rewards for holding Invacio Coins over the course of the first 12 months as their operations are brought online. Run quarterly, with the first bonus allocations rolling out 3 months from INV Coin’s initial exchange listing, each user that holds their INV Coin each quarter will receive an additional 15 INV Coin sent to their wallet from the Invacio Hold escrow. Invacio will also draw three winners per quarter in an automated draw.

 Minimum purchase of coin is 34 coin per order. In certain cases, Invacio may request personal information when you make your INV Coin purchase. This is to allow us to perform due diligence where necessary, in accordance with regional regulatory authorities. Additionally, larger coin purchases will be offered a gift of C-stock in Invacio: should the purchaser choose to accept, personal information will be needed to be able to process the allocation.     

Benefits And Importance Of Invacio With Tamius 

Tamius is Invacio’s complex of AI-driven integrated crypto-banking solutions.  Tamius and its offerings function to unite crypto- and fiat currencies in a single secure, user-friendly multi-channel platform that offers all of the expected conventional banking services in addition to a number of very important innovations. Tamius consist of  Currency Management Application, Desktop UI Application, Integrated Functionality of Services , Tamius Card, Ease of Use, Short-Term Fund freezing capability, One Wallet/ Application For Everything, Long Term Funds Securing Option, Off-grid Secure Transactions, Unhackable Communications Channels, Credit, Loans, Savings, Bonds, Investments and Trading Services. 

Other Benefits from Invacio’s Transactional Technologies

 Invacio has an Instant and user friendly UI accessible from any compatible device and the ability to use your Invacio Coin funds to make real world purchases. Invacio Coin is available on multiple exchanges and helps to send or receive INV Coin to contacts effortlessly.


 ICO is basically conducted for cryptocurrency based projects which rely on decentralized technique. So, naturally such projects would compel only those investors who have a keen interest in the concept of cryptocurrency and are friendly with the technology used. Invacio is a complex of integrated systems woven around secure communications, the groundbreaking live and historic data resource of Invacio Data, and the power of multi-agent system artificial intelligence.  Invacio is secure and it’s led by a number of security specialists, experts in areas such as “white hat” hacking, cryptography, automated threat intelligence, penetration testing, threat analysis, vulnerability management and growing directly from the research done at Invacio Labs. Join Now    

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