Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, their impact on the world (Chapter 1 - Venezuela)

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Over the years in the market and the increasing boom of cryptocurrency nowadays, it has become one of the most used and prized tools of the internauts,today valued in more than 4000 $ each BTC, many people decide to jointhis community To maintain a certain amount of savings that day by day are taking more monetary value in the market.
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Today I will speak of one of the countries where more and more people are added to the savings of Bitcoins, as is the case of Venezuela, due to the current crisis that is going through this country, it has become a bit difficult to obtain dollars, and with the increasing price of each product, it is becoming more and more intelligent to keep savings in dollars or any other currency, not only because of the aforementioned, but the current currency of Venezuela suffers from a constant devaluation, and this raises the price Of the dollar in this country towards the clouds.

Many Venezuelans are not aware of this online system, as are the current cryptocurrency, and because of the great exchange
control present in our country, they simply resign themselves to the fact that there is no other way to obtain any other foreign currency (especially dollars) .

Personally I have tried to infuse knowledge to those around me on what is what I call "The Bitcoin revolution" since at international level it has consolidated its use by different businesses as well as by different banks.

Now, how can I get Bitcoins from Venezuela? It's simple, there are several web pages called PTC (Paid to Click) that already work with this cryptocurrency, later on I'll talk in detail about what I currently use, there are several phone APPs that allow
you to get BTC for free too, and one of the most popular ways At the international level, the so-called mining machinery, in Venezuela it is somewhat complicated to get one of these (not to say almost impossible), but its concept is of a machine permanently connected to the network, compiling BTC for you without having to even sit in front of a computer.

This has been everything for the moment and in a future post I will mention in more detail the PTCs that are currently more profitable and reliable when working with BTC, and about bitcoin in another countries and its impact all over the world, as well as I will also mention details about other cryptocurrencies that are more used today, such as Litecoin, Dashcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, etc, I hope you liked my post and if so, remember to click that upvote button and for any query do not hesitate to comment, see you in another post.

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