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RE: China Launches the Petro Yuan and the US Stock Market Rallies?!?

in #bitcoin2 years ago

I'm impressed. All Americans should know and understand what you just posted, but I bet less than one in a thousand do. I'm sure most people don't know what the gold backed petro yuan means to the future for the US market. I'm curious who you are following or reading to know such important information. Thanks for sounding the alarm.


Hi there, thanks for the kind words. It's not a gold backed yuan, it's just that oil can now be bought with the Chinese Yuan rather than the US dollar. It's still basically fiat currency but it is a game changer. I wouldn't say I follow anyone in particular, I read a lot of news and my grad degree is in business so it's my background. If you would like another side to the story though I think RT News is fantastic, Greg Hunter on Youtube has a lot of really good interviews, Gerald Celente, Greg Mannarino and Lynette Zang are some others that you might like.

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