BTCz and how it is a distinguished Crytocurrency (BitcoinZ or Bitcoin 2.0)

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I thought I start my steemit writing by pointing out why I think BTCZ is by far a different cryptocurrency and one that may have a big impact in the future of this market.

The community behind this project is amazing with no single entity claiming the kingdom and many developers quietly developing very interesting add ons to it such as the magento eCommerce that was released recently and the SMS text transfer of BTCz which is unique.

In my opinion (and this is not a financial advice) BTCZ is going to quickly expand and become a major player in the next two to three years with a 20 cent target for 2021. Below are some characteristics of BTCZ and why it is called Bitcoin 2.0 (BitcoinZ):

No Premine
90% of coins cannot claim that

No ICO, No DAICO, No dapps
ICO, DAICO are essentially 100% Premined coins, except that you are forced to buy them using Ethereum. That force increases the cost of Eth which helps the Eth 72M premine to get even richer. The issue with ICO/DAICO is that if Ethereum is ever hacked, all of those built on top will collapse. Also there is an unlimited supply of Eth printed our of thin air without a cap and that guarantees a long term continued dilution that will result in price drop no matter what. BTCz is a pure POW cryptocurrency with limited and capped quantity similar to Bitcoin.

No Free Airdrop
When crowds get something for free, it's easy for them to dump it, take a look at BTCP with massive 16M coin airdrop which similar to all ICOS, it will guarantee its continued fall in price.

The BIP9 "technology" allows the devs to TAKE (steal?) coins from forked coins if they dont claim them early enough. There are millions of BTC coin holders, including the well known satoshi coins and many exchanges, where the owners dont have the time or interest to claim the forks. Similar to BTX, new devs like those on BTCP are going to take (steal) those BTCP coins using what they call BIP9 "technology just because the BTC holders did not claim their coins early enough. And if you think this is not a big deal, in the case of BTCP it adds up to about $200M worth of coins which of course they cant cash out without help from Bittrex bringin in enough liquidity. BTCz does not have BIP9 theft "technology".

No Developer Tax
ZCash, Zen have huge dev taxes. ZCL also doesnt have dev tax but the devs abaondoned that project very quickly and went to create the massively profitable (for devs and Bittrex only) BTCP. BTCz does not have any developer taxes imposed on miners.

No Slow Start
Whatever the F that was, most Equihash coins abandoned that marketing trick. EArly adopters are always rewarded for the risk they take including those who risked their lives hundreds of years ago to grab land in lawless areas and made their great grandchildren mega millionaires. Cryptocurrencies are no different. Those who adopt to BTCz now, specially at this ridiculous low marketcap, may see a huge return in the next couple of years.

As suggested by many prominent members of the crypto community, only Proof of Work bring value and security to a block chain. POS is basically paying interest to the rich diluting current holders, like what banks do. BTCz only has POW and always will.

No Staking/Lending Tax
Staking/Lending Tax is essentially the same as POS, its interest, (some call it lending like Bitconnect) and some call it Staking like BTX. Basically Staking creates free coins for the rich who can lock up their coins like they do in a CD at the bank. Lending is a bogus term, no one needs to "borrow" crypto when they can easily buy it. Borrow BCC for what Mr. Carlos Santos? BTCz is clean and clear from Staking and Lending bogus tax which again dilutes the miners work and owners the same way by distributing free coins.

No Supernode Tax
Again this is like Staking and POS, you get free crypto airdrop just for being rich and locking away your money, this is banking system, diluting others.

Android Branded Exclusive Wallet
Forget the little guys like ZCL, BTCP, and Zen, ZEL, because even ZEC/ZCash does not have a branded Android wallet. This means you will have to trust and use 3rd party closed source wallets such as Coinami, Freewallet, Trezor, which could claim they were "hacked" and lose your funds. With BTCz android wallet, you and only you hold your private keys and no one else has them.

Superfast transactions
Have you tried the Android wallet?
Skip to 2:08 if impatient

Windows Branded Exclusive GUI Miner
ZCL, BTCP, Zen, ZEL, even ZEC/ZCash dont have an exclusive Windows Miner. While its developer may charge a fee, its ease of use is worth the cost for many who dont have the technical knowledge to find the right virus free miner:

Web Wallet
Not a huge feature as web Wallet is available with some of the top 50 coins but its incredible for a coin with such low market cap. Plus with some other prominent coins like ETH which its devs split up on myetherwallet. In BTCz there has been no drama:

Significant Development in Web APIs
Look at projects such as very simple yet very useful product.

Technolonogy to Transfer using SMS/Text with older phones
Probably my most favorite these days, the SMS BTCz transfer over text messaging is an incredible achievement!

Significant achievements on eCommerce Payment Gateway
Look at eCommerce plugins here all developed and available to the public for free: with terrible marketing, no one knows about it, well yet. The only other coins with this much work done are Dash and maybe Bitcoin. Unfortunately both DASH X11 and BTC SHA256 coins are centralized by ASICs now so the ownership and control is by Bitmain and dominated by those with low electricity cost and cooler regions, and no GPU mining for the avg person.

Currently Listed on TEN exchanges and more to come:
TradeSatoshi, Stocks.Exchange, Coinbene, Exrates, Crex24, C-CEX, BTC-Alpha, BarterDEX, Graviex, (not recommending any exchangings, just making a list)

Little to no shady people in the dev team
We see with other projects such as BTCP bringing in characters like Rhett, Cryptojack, Tai Zen and Leon Fu, who are behind the project and appear to be very "gain" friendly with Bittrex fiasco, ZCL lockout post fork and BIP9 controversy. We also see so much drama behind BCash and ZCash having secret code to create unlimited coins. BTCZ is a community driven project without a "king" ruling it's development.

Extremely low marketcap below $10M that will allow much growth.
If the market cap is over $100M you may be too late to the game already. I would not invest in any coins over $10 in market cap. Just to compare, BTCP for example has 100x higher market cap and one could say it should trade at 40 cents book value. BTCz is extremely undervalued at less than 1 cent even considering its higher circulating supply totalling a tiny marketcap.

Optional Privacy
While Bitcoin and Ethereum and many others dont appeal to majority of crypto users due to public ledger, many defend BTC for having a public ledger and providing transparency into its iner transfers. For example its really easy to look up Satoshi Nakamoto's bitcoin address and balance. With some projects such as XMR you are forced to use private transactions (and NO, Viewkey does not provide the same full transaprency as you will need an imagekey). With BTCz, similar to other equihash projects, you have optional privacy, you don't have to use it if you don't want to and if you do there is always the Z addresses you can use.

Proper denomination, coin count
Again, unlike many others BTCz started with a proper denomination. And that is something so simple yet proven almost impossible to "split" in case of BTC for example. So a $1.50 cup of coffee could once day be be priced 1.50 BTCz unlike with others it could be priced 0.00000000150 BTC or 0.0000150 XMR that will never be adopted.

To show how undervalued this project is at $7M marketcap, if BTCz had the same market cap of:

BTC it would trade at $87 (18,870x gain)
ETH it would trade at $38 (8189x gain)
EOS it would trade at $4.54 (976x gain)
XMR it would trade at $2.05 (440x gain)
ZCash it would trade at $0.54 (115x gain)

Ok so if you think those above are unreasonable expectations for BTCz what about direct competitors?

DOGE it would trade at $0.35 (75x gain)
BTCP it would trade at $0.33 (70x gain)
become one of the top 100 coins, it would trade at $0.08 (18x gain)
ZEN it would trade at $0.08 (17x gain)
ZCL it would trade at 0.01 (2.5x gain )

So now you have an idea of what kind of undervalued project you are looking at. That is why my target is at least a 100x gain before I sell any of my BTCz. Until then I will be buying from dumb mine-dump miners who have no idea, just like the guy who paid 30,000 Bitcoin to buy a pizza or the guy who threw away a laptop with 4,000 Bitcoins in it.

Finally do your own due diligence before investing in any projects or cryptocurrencies. This article is not a recommendation to invest in anything. It only includes my personal opinions and while I have placed tens of hours in research for this article, it may be factually inaccurate at times and I take no responsibility for such inaccuracies.

If you enjoyed this article you can tip me using an eCommerce product created by the BTCz team:
BTCZ Address: t1R5PSYSAoMKmLhJ8Tu4AEPoX5EuvQnX34f

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Very nice. The most undervalued coin in #crypto right now.

#BitcoinZ / $BTCZ

Read the white paper, join the discord channel, it's going to be huge. New exchanges coming soon and lots of miners jumping on board. The future of #GPUmining .

Hi mate, You've covered the best parts of this coin. Let's keep rolling!

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