Seven-week-old girl has 1900 % p.a. investment returns

in bitcoin •  2 years ago

When my daughter was a week old, I gifted her a bitcoin as an investment in her future. At the time, it was worth $1700 (AU). As of now, bitcoin is worth $3730 (AU), which is a return of 219% in 6 weeks, or 1900% p.a.

That sure beats my average return!


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I know people comment on steem posts just to comment but genuinely this is amazing. I was born in 94, I wish my parents had bought me one share of a growing stock at the time!! She's a lucky girl


I've been in crypto a while and I am still amazed at the latest price action. I meant it as a long term investment for her, but it is certainly doing well in the short term.

Very cool idea. One of my wife's friends Dad got him a bunch of Coca-cola stock when he was born in 1980. His dad used it to teach him about investing and money. He is now a multi millionaire and owns several businesses and those shares of coke still.

Beautiful baby! She is lucky to have a dad who takes care of her future!

Please thank her for me. Gorgeous kid :)

Such an adorable Baby!! Great post! Congrats on the returns!! :) Followed!! Upvoted! :) Have a spectacular day!!!