News: Life Savings Stolen from Coinomi Wallet ?! Institutions stealthy join crypto

in bitcoin •  4 months ago 

Coinomi wallet security is called to question today, as a user claims that his entire life savings were lost due to a wallet bug. Julius Baer decides to be pro crypto - despite bashing as insecure just 1 year ago.

0:34 Lifesaving stolen from Coinomi Wallet
3:40 Institutions stealthy join crypto
5:48 $66 M of assets tokenized on Ethereum
6:47 EOS hacker runs away with $2.07M EOS
8:40 OKex enables 5x margin trades - for even more REKTAGE

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Great Video

Being in the region, I know there are a couple of tokenization projects happening for Real Estate in Miami. Will be interesting to see how the market reacts to a new source of capital.

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It's just a matter of time now..

Oh, no. Only Coinbase and Binance are safe for their users others aren't good except ledger wallet.

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